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As a student, handing in your essays in time is one of the most important aspects of your academic life. As a student, you are tasked with the job of researching and writing on given topics. You are expected to hand in original work for grading. Writing the best essays requires time for researching, systemizing information, and editing your work before handing it in. This takes up a lot of time and resources, two things most students do not have. This is why students depend on online essay writing help services. With a reliable essay writing service, you will always hand in your paper in time, which ensures you graduate in time.

Apart from standard online sites where tutors and professional writers write your essays, technological advancements have made it possible for students to have essays automatically written online by bots. These use sophisticated algorithms to write essays as per the required guidelines. These bots automate the writing process for students. Online essay builders make it possible for students to improve their efficiency and skills.

Essaytyper.com and essaybot.com are some of the automatic essay help services for students. Here is everything you need to know about these two sites.

The service

Generally, Essay Typer and essaybot can be used to write most academic essay types. All a student requires to do is input the subject or the topic. The online bot will make suggestions about what should come next. The essay is created as the student hits the required button to input the required information. While this online essay writing service can help in writing an essay paper, you cannot use it to download completed essays. The student needs to take the time to work with the writing bot to come up with the paper. The paper writing service works to help you come up with a paper, where it would have been otherwise difficult to use your own words to write.

If you are in a place where you cannot seem to find the right words for your essay, essaybot and Essay Typer are tools said to help in combating writer's block. 

Essaytyper.com review

When it comes to advancements in technology for essay writing, Essay Typer is said to be one of the top innovations. This website offers students a virtual essay writing service in a word-style webpage where students can log in and write their essays, regardless of the subject. The student is only required to enter the guidelines like keywords or topics for the online bot to generate a fully written research paper.

This type of essay writing service is said to be of benefit to students who do not have the resources or time to write essays. According to the developers, the service will search for all relevant data from sites such as Wikipedia and thematic websites to come up with the most compelling research essay.

How it works

Once you open the main essay-writing page on the site, you are required to input your topic at the type box provided. Most users say that some of the topics they were looking for were not found This is because  website only  supports the most common ones. Sometimes, the bot will rephrase your topic to match the one in the system. Once the topic is selected, the system will generate suggestions that are selected by pressing computer buttons.

The prices

The main reason Essay Typer has become common amongst students is that it is a free service.It is an alternative to the cheap essay writing service providers available online. However, it being a free service means that it cannot be relied upon entirely to deliver top content for your essay. Essaytyper comes with limitations that make it hard for a student to  fully rely  on to provide a well-written essay. As a free tool, you do not get to choose the quality of the article you get. The student is expected to do some of the work, which means that you still have to dedicate time to use the writing service.


It is required for students to deliver plagiarism-free essays throughout their studies. When you use Essaytyper, it is a good idea to check your work for plagiarism. Most users claim that the service only offers about 55% pass on uniqueness. This means that you need to do a bit of rewriting to make your content 100% unique. The best thing about the written work delivered is the accuracy in information and important facts and dates. You will also get help on source citations, which can be a difficult task for most students.

Essaytyper uses Wikipedia as its primary source of information.

Customer support

There is no available customer support on the site. You will only get the link to Essaytyper’s twitter page. Considering the service is provided free, it is impossible to expect the developer to spend money and resources on a support page. This is one of its  main disadvantages.

Is essaytyper reliable?

To answer this question we need to dig deep into the pros and cons using the writing service

Essaytyper is an ideal essay-writing tool for any student who needs help in getting rid of writer’s block. The quality of your essay will greatly depend on the prompt you type. It is not the best tool to use if you need to get your sources cited accurately. However its pros include 

Rapid Output: EssayTyper swiftly produces essays, saving time for users seeking immediate drafts or starting points
Source of Ideas

It serves as a source of inspiration for users grappling with writer's block, potentially igniting new thoughts or avenues for exploration.

Demonstration of Structure

EssayTyper showcases fundamental essay organization, aiding learners in grasping introductory, body, and concluding segments.

Educational Resource It functions as an educational aid, illustrating how diverse topics can be structured into cohesive essays.
Cost-free Availability Various iterations of EssayTyper are accessible online without charge, widening its reach to users with limited resources.


Apart from that, Essaytyper cannot be recommended if you need a fully written essay. It cannot be used as a time-saving service since you still need to be actively involved in the writing process.It is limited in terms of covered topics, which means some students with unique topics are locked out of using the service. The other issue is its inability to create plagiarism free work. You will need to check your written work with a plagiarism checker before submitting it.

Essaybot review

EssayBot is a sophisticated writing tool driven by artificial intelligence, crafted to aid users in crafting essays and other textual compositions. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, it comprehends user inputs and generates text accordingly. Users can furnish EssayBot with a topic or prompt, and in response, it produces essays or offers suggestions to facilitate the creation process.

This AI tool accommodates a wide range of essay and research paper topics  Additionally, it can assist in citing sources and providing references pertinent to the given topic. The primary objective of EssayBot is to streamline the writing endeavor by furnishing guidance on structure, content generation, and formatting.

Nevertheless, it's essential to acknowledge that while EssayBot serves as a valuable resource for generating ideas and initiating the writing process, it doesn't supplant the necessity for critical thinking and writing proficiency. Users should engage in thorough review and revision of the content generated by EssayBot to ensure accuracy, coherence, and originality. Ultimately, EssayBot like all other AI based services serves as a tool to complement and enhance the writing process rather than replace the skills inherent to effective written communication.

How it works

As an artificial intelligent essay-writing site, essaybot does not use human writers. Once you log into the site, the bot guides you through the essay writing process. You will need to type in your title to guide the AI system. The bot will gather data and resources and use it to paraphrase your work. While this process will get you the information you need, it does not produce work that is ready to submit. In addition, essaybot specifically works for essays only.

It works by utilizing natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand and interpret the user's prompt. Here's a general overview:

  1. Input/ prompt: Users provide Essaybot with a topic or prompt for their essay. This could be a specific question, a broad topic, or even just a simple keyword.

  2. Understanding the prompt: Essaybot uses natural language processing techniques to analyze the input and understand it's context, purpose, and requirements. It identifies key themes, concepts, and relevant information related to the topic.

  3. Content/essay Generation: Based on the understanding of theprompt, Essaybot generates content for the essay. It can produce an outline of the paper, generate sentences, and even compose full paragraphs using pre-existing templates, databases of information, and algorithms designed to mimic human writing.

  4. Revision and Enhancement: Essaybot may also offer suggestions for revising and enhancing the generated content. This could include improving grammar, sentence structure, clarity, and coherence. Users can accept or reject these suggestions as they see fit.

  5. Customization and Personalization: Users can customize the generated content according to their preferences and requirements. They can add their own ideas, arguments, and examples to tailor the essay to their specific needs.

  6. Finalization: Once the user is satisfied with the generated content, they can finalize the essay and export it in a preferred format, such as Microsoft Word or PDF.

The prices

This website offers a paid service. Unlike other sites where you pay for each paper, essaybot allows you to pay a subscription. Once you have created your content, you will be redirected to a payment page for you to be able to download your essay. A month’s subscription costs around  $9.95. You can choose to subscribe weekly for $2.95 or annually for $59.40. It is considered as an alternative to affordable writing service providers online


Essaybot is not a resource you can use to produce an essay from scratch. This means that it relies on internet resources to create your content. It mainly makes use of the content on Google, after which the information is paraphrased using the AI system. While this can work to produce plagiarism-free essays, it is not completely reliable for creating work that is ready for grading since it does not format your work according to the institutional essay writing guidelines. Therefore, it is best used as a guide to help you complete your essay as you have to go through the information and adjust it to the required standards. You will need to format the essay according to guidelines before submitting it.

Customer support

On the essaybot website, you will only find information about their physical location, an email address, and a toll-free number. There is no live chat provided on the site, which makes getting instant help impossible. Essaybot does not have a social media presence since there are no links on the site. Therefore, there is no reliable communication channel with the service provider, making it difficult to know when to expect your issue to be handled. This does little to help you if you have a pressing issue with the website.

Is essaybot reliable?

As a new entrant in the writing industry, essaybot is a tool that can be used to write essay faster and to produce more personalized work. Apart from students, digital marketers, content writers, and social media influencers can use it. The system can also benefit people looking to start their blogs by offering a wide range of content to choose from.

For students looking for ready to submit assignments, essaybot may not be the best choice. Just like Essay Typer, essaybot requires the students to put in time using the system to get their work written. While it delivers plagiarism free work, you will need to go through the content to ensure it is grammatically correct and well formatted. Therefore, essaybot cannot be completely relied on to produce essays that are ready to submit.

Most people also complain about the research capability of the system as it sometimes fails to understand some topics. Even with the few downsides, it is a better content writer when compared to other free versions.

Essaytyper vs Essaybot


The number one difference between Essaytyper and Essaybot is that the former is a free service while the latter is subscription based. You will need to pay the subscription fee to access your content on essaybot.


In terms of their functionality, Essaytyper works by searching for content related to the topic. It then presents this content in the form of an essay. This does not guarantee to generate unique content, and thus Essaytyper content is usually at least 55% unique. On the other hand, Essaybot works by gathering information and resources online and paraphrases it to produce 100% unique content. Essaybot will also allow you to choose the content you want to include in your work before it incorporates it.

The sources

This is another key difference between Essaybot and Essaytyper. Essaybot uses google and safe websites to create content related to your topics or keywords. It also inputs content from other sources to give your work the details it needs. On the other hand, Essaytyper users Wikipedia as its primary source of information. This gives you access to scholarly works and references for your essays.

Customer support

Both websites do not offer round the clock customer support. However, essaybot has an email address and toll-free numbers compared to Essaytyper, which only provides a Twitter handle for communication. Compared to other essay writing services, these two automated writing sites have a long way to go in terms of delivering quality customer service to clients, which is the heart of any online service.

The benefit of automatic essay typing services

Online essay typing services like Essaytyper and essaybot come with the benefit of offering fast services. This service can come in handy when you need to hand in an essay and do not know what to write in it. In addition, automated "write my essay" services can type in hundreds of assignments in a short period. This is the main benefit of these services when compared to services offered human writers.

Concerns with automatic essay writing services

Plagiarism is the main disadvantage of using automatic essay writers. While essaybot ensures you get unique content, most free services like Essay Typer do not guarantee unique content, which can hurt your paper score. This raises the reliability of these sites, making them only ideal as content referencing sites.

When you rely on these software programs for all your assignments, it makes it impossible for you as a student to read for your exams or give your education the attention deserved. These services help you to grasp the points but do not allow you to read extensively.

Are automatic essay writing services legitimate?

A common worry amongst students is whether automated writing sites like essaybot and Essay Typer are legal. These sites use existing online information to help you write your essay. A site like essaybot rewrites the content, making it plagiarism free, thus making the content uniquely yours. However, Essay Typer uses content from Wikipedia and other sites without rewriting it. Using the content without citing the sources can me your work plagiarized, which is against content creation rules. This is why Essay Typer cautions students against submitting work gotten from the site before rewriting it.

Are there more reliable essay writing sources?

While essaybot and Essay Typer are available self-use online essay writers, they come with too many disadvantages to ignore. If you need a more reliable essay source, consider going to an online assignment writing service website.

Professional essay writing services online offer essays written by humans after thorough research. These writers undergo a rigorous recruitment process before they are hired to provide writing services. For each project, the right writer is handpicked to ensure their background and experience meet your needs.

Once you log into an online writer's platform, you only need to give details on your essay and submit payment in escrow to have your project handled. The best part about human writing sites is that they can handle all types of essays, regardless of the topic. You can hire them to write your research paper, write your thesis, term paper, or assignment essays. Also, the copy you get is ready for submission and is 100% unique. The writers will write format and countercheck the essay before submitting it to you.

If you are looking for a reliable essay writing service, the best choice is to go for online custom writing services that offer human writing services. Online essay writing sites come with round the clock customer service support. This way, you are sure that all your issues will be handled promptly. 


Between essaybot and essaytyper, none of these sites can be recommended for essay writing for students. If you need a legitimately written academic essay, it is better to entrust the job to a qualified writer online. There are numerous online writing sites where you can order an essay at affordable rates. With the best online essay writing service, you are sure of professionally written essays from people you can trust.









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Published on: 08, Aug 2020
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