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The desire to excel in school has catapulted the demand for custom writing services. No wonder typing the words custom writing on Google brings over 1 billion results within 0.56 seconds! This speaks volumes about the number of Homework help websites for College students

Custom writing is not just about academic papers. Businesses also hire professional writers to help them handle communications (letters, memos, and speeches), business writing tasks (proposals, marketing documents, and manuals), webpages, articles, and different documents for publication.

As you can see, students might need custom writing services beyond their college years meaning the writing culture is not dying anytime soon.

What Is Custom Writing?

Custom writing refers to the process of creating unique written content that matches a client’s requirements. Besides the aspect of uniqueness, the piece must be original. Custom writing sites help students write their essays, dissertations, term papers, case studies, assignments, research, and College papers. They also offer editing and proofreading services to ensure that you submit error-free work.

Benefits of Using Custom Writing Services

1. Authenticity- All academic papers must be authentic. However, learners sometimes copy previous research findings when working on their essays. Although it could be unintentional, you could face disciplinary action from the school if you submit plagiarized work. On the other hand, professional academic writers use various tools to check for plagiarism. As you can see, hiring a custom essay writing service ensures that you submit original work.

  2. Topic Selection-  A good topic helps you to write a winning academic paper. However, most students are unable to find engaging titles because the process requires significant time investement in  research. Because of their expertise, professional writers can quickly identify an appropriate topic for your subject. Furthermore, they can quickly write a quality custom paper.

3. Affordability - Most custom writing websites offer various quality services at affordable prices. Pricing models differ from site to site. In many instances, the type of task affects the total cost. For example, high-school essays are cheaper than dissertations. The urgency and number of pages also determine the price. It is generally cheaper to employ the services of a custom writing website than hire a freelancer on the internet

4. Editing and Proofreading- Students are prone to making citation and formatting mistakes. Grammatical errors, improper citation or referencing, and incorrect tone are common errors found in students' assignments. The mistakes are a result of inexperience and can lower your grades. Hiring custom writing services helps to avoid such mistakes.

5 Fast submission -All assignments have a submission date, which should be honored. However, students always have various papers to write besides personal life concerns. Generally, there is never enough time to work on assignments and submit quality work in time. Custom writing sites can help you overcome the challenge. They are an easier way to submit an assignment within the shortest time possible


Best Custom Writing Services

The high demand for both business and academic custom writing services has resulted in a surge in writing sites as well as professional writers. A mere click on a search engine leaves you spoilt for options. Unfortunately, there are scam custom writing sites that never give you value for your money. Some of the best writing sites you can hire are:


The ratings on the site indicate that most customers are pleased with EduBirdie’s services. However a more comprehensive review of edubirdie tells a different story

Uniquely, you can choose your preferred writer from a database. The website provides its writers’ bios, including the number of completed orders, customer reviews, and ratings. Furthermore, you can find useful information from the site, such as student tips and writing guides. Apart from a Ph.D. thesis which is slightly costly, you need at least $18 for each page of your essay.


The website welcomes you with a discount pop-up. The pricing is varied—a high school paper with a deadline of 60 days goes for $16.50 per page, while doctoral orders can be submitted within 12 hours for $72 per page.

Ultius is among the custom writing services that hire Australian, UK based, and Canadian writers. They handle unique tasks, including business texts; therefore, an academic order is nothing to them. The institution is famous for its exceptional quality. Also, you can trust their expert writers for plagiarism-free papers.


Tracking an order has never been so easy. The site sends free drafts five days after receiving your order. Therefore, the chances of last-minute surprises are minimal. You can also request corrections along the way. And like most custom writing services, it offers free plagiarism reports and title pages. At WritersPerHour, you will part with $12.99 for one page of a high school paper. Meanwhile, doctorate orders cost $80 per page and can be completed within 3 hours.


Having been in the niche for over 10 years, the site has found an excellent balance between price and quality. They offer various custom writing services, as in the screen-grab below.

Also, the many years in the niche have enabled the institution to improve its customer experience. From the reviews, you can tell that they are customer-focused. Furthermore, the site offers freebies, including plagiarism scans and title pages.


The website provides solutions for both students and business people. From dissertations and essays to wedding speeches, web-design, java-programming, and wedding speeches, they can handle custom writing orders within 24 hours. The service also upholds honesty—they never take orders with deadlines of less than a day, and from their Capability Assurance page, you will find a disclaimer that they may decline a request if they don’t have an ideal specialist to complete it.



Besides discounts for both newbies and loyal customers, Expert Writing delivers top-notch papers. The site also has an impressive rating of 4.85%, with most customers stating that they are satisfied with their turnaround-time and customer support. They are also reasonably priced - it depends on a student’s academic level, deadline, and type of paper - high school essays are the cheapest ($8.99 per page), and the priciest is a Ph.D. thesis, which they charge $49 per page.


unemployed professors

True to its name, the company recruits professional writers with extensive experience in different academic fields. Such a strategy assures customers of quality services and high levels of professionalism from the writers. Secondly, the site uses a bidding system. It means that there is no price calculator on the website, like on most custom writing sites. Also, the pricing model enables you to view writers’ reviews. You can also choose your preferred writer based on your budget.


Although the site can work on high school papers, it is popular with MBA students. Besides custom writing services, the company will also proofread and edit your content to perfection. They also offer discounts to new clients and have a loyalty program for return customers. If you need quality within a specified timeline, consider hiring Homeworkholics writers. They are renowned for high-quality academic papers and strict adherence to deadlines.


The site claims to have 1500 native professional writers who deliver quality work within agreed timelines. Depending on your academic level, order type, and urgency, their prices range from $11.30 to $22.95 per page. They also have a 24/7 customer support function. In case of dissatisfaction, you can request a refund. However, their Quality Assurance Department always determines the refund percentage. You can check their current deals and discounts here.



WritingElites.net offers editing, academic, and business writing services. Their competitive pricing model follows the same fashion.

As a customer, you get a free title page, abstract, and reference page. You are also entitled to free revisions as outlined in the site’s revision policy. The website is also careful about online customer security. They only accept payments through PayPal. Therefore, your personal information is safe because PayPal is one of the most secure money-transfer platforms.

What Makes a Good Custom Writing Service?

Deadline aside. Before clicking the 'order now' button, first establish the legitimacy of the custom writing service. failure to do so might make you a victim of scam websites and you might get low-quality services. For an academic paper, the repercussions are not worth the hurry. The below criteria can help you to gauge whether the company is good enough.

Type of Hired Writers

It is about having the right tools for the right task. Scrutinize who handles custom writing orders. What is their level of education? For how long have they been writing? Read the site's reviews. They will help you understand the kind of services they offer. For bidding systems, check the writers' bios. Numerous bad reviews about a writer should be a red flag.

Can They Write Like You

A good site must be able to adapt your writing style. If the customized paper becomes too different from your previous submissions, you might land in trouble. In fact, a hired writer should make similar mistakes like yours, especially if you are not a native English Speaker. Sharing your books and course materials with the writer can help a lot.


The cliché, 'cheap is expensive,' remains a guiding factor when choosing a custom writing service. That being the case, avoid overly cheap services. If writing a paper was easy, then all students would do it. So, why would a professional writer offer their expertise at a throw-away price? Be sure to check the price range from different sites.

Payment Options

Online transactions should be handled with care. Sharing personal details like bank account details in the online space can be risky. Check the payment options available on the website. If doubtful, pull out. Also, avoid paying in full. Go for a service that allows you to pay in installments. It helps you to remain in control of the project.

Seamless Communication

Note that some custom writing services prohibit direct communication with their writers. Clients are required to air their issues via customer support. As a result, following up on the progress of your order becomes a long, tedious task. The best communication channels are live chats and instant messaging. Check whether either is available.  

Availability of a 24/7 Customer Service

Remember, you are outsourcing writing assistance because you are probably overwhelmed with other assignments and personal responsibilities. Consequently, you could be busy during the day but available at night. Alternatively, you could be free during the weekends only. A 24/7 customer service ensures that you can easily follow up on your paper any time and any day. Also, check the customer experience reviews from previous clients. You don't want rude customer support giving you a hard time.

Proofreading and Revision Policy

 Does the service offer free proofreading and revisions services? What is their revision policy? Some sites will promise you numerous revisions but again give you difficult conditions when you request corrections. Others just lie that they provide for revisions. Ideally, a writing service should offer free revisions. After all, they produced the work. They should be able to fix errors. They should also provide a free title page, outline, formatting, and bibliography.

Availability of a Plagiarism Report

Custom writing is not just about quality but also authenticity. Professional writers understand the importance of producing original work, be it business-related or academic pieces. A good website provides a free plagiarism report once they deliver an order. It helps you confirm that the work is original. Without the information, you might pay for plagiarized work.

Can They Handle Dissertations?

If the site can handle a Ph.D. paper, then the writers must be qualified. Also, you are assured of getting quality custom writing services. Furthermore, in case you need help with your thesis, you will get it without strain. Did you know that finding reliable dissertation writers is not easy?

Availability of Custom Samples

A good custom writing site will not hesitate to furnish you with a sample paper upon request. In fact, most legit companies have different samples readily available on their websites. Custom samples are a mirror of the final document you will receive. Therefore, be sure to scrutinize the sample paper before placing your order. If the website cannot provide samples, consider choosing another one.


Be sure to confirm that the promises they offer on their home-page are true. They have given an assurance of confidentiality. But is it true that they will not resell your paper? Is the money-back guarantee real? What about the promise of a 24 hours deadline for any order? Previous customer reviews should help you ascertain the guarantees.

Can Write All Essay Types or Styles

Business writing is different from academic writing (as discussed in this write-up). Furthermore, various types of essays assume different writing styles. For instance, narrative and persuasive essays have different writing styles. Confirm that the site can efficiently handle the different types of assignments, such as:

  • Argumentative Essay: Reliable custom writing services can develop arguments and help you finish your paper with minimal hustle.

  • Analytical Essay: Qualified writers can explain the process of writing a custom analytical paper. Alternatively, they can provide a sample or write it from scratch.

  • Classification Essay: After receiving such an order, you will learn the basic principles of the elements compatibility.

  • College Application/admission Essay: A custom writing service enables you to understand the basic requirements for admission writing. It also provides you with a perfect example and support, or does it for you.

  • Cause-and-Effect Essay: They demand insights. Professional writers know how to craft quality topics for a winning essay.

  • Compare-and-Contrast Essay: A good custom writing service will write a perfect compare-and-contrast paper from scratch or effortlessly perfect your draft.

  • Critical Essay: Expert writers will have no problem introducing the arguments and counter-arguments through thorough research.

  • Definition Essay: It is all about defining various phenomena. Can the website deliver such an order?

  • Deductive Essays: Is the writer able to logically present the premise, evidence, and conclusion that form the basis of deductive essays?

  • Evaluation Essay: Regardless of the paper topic, an expert can present an opinion without sounding opinionated in an evaluation paper.

  • Exploratory Essay: It is possible to explore the unknown without veering into a different essay type. An expert does it quickly without compromising on quality.

  • Informative Essay: It entails shedding light on unknown issues through detailed research. Good custom writing services won’t hesitate to take such an order.

  • 5-Paragraph Essay: Fitting all your ideas into five short paragraphs can be taxing, but a professional writer will do it without a struggle.

Differences between Academic and Business Writing

  1. Custom writing involves creating either business or academic content. However, either genre is written differently. For instance, academic writing is formal, which inhibits the use of metaphors, clinches, contractions, and hyperboles. In business writing, a writer can use informal language, including emojis.

  2. Students and professional writers use long sentences and detailed paragraphs to explain ideas. Technical terms are allowed depending on the subject or topic. On the other hand, business writing embraces simple short sentences, with and sometimes without paragraphs.

iii. When writing an academic paper, the target audience is mainly a tutor, researchers, or experts. Conversely, managers, customers, stakeholders, and even family members can read business texts.

  1. In academic writing, the purpose is to prove that a student understands what they have learned. Business writing targets to propose strategies, measure progress, negotiate contracts, and solve problems.

  2. Students will hardly write procedures, policies, memos, letters, or employee evaluations as part of their course work. Similarly, business entities rarely handle essays, term papers, lab reports, and such content.

  3. Students follow specified formatting styles such as double space, left or right indent, half-inch paper margins as instructed by their tutors. Business content needs to be appealing and easy to read and understand. Most business writers use pictures, bullets, and numbers, heading and subheadings to attract more readers.


Although most custom writing services claim to deliver gold on all assignments, some can leave you disappointed. You should strive to learn how to effectively use a custom essay writing service to your advantage before placing your order

Besides poor turn-around time, quality, and plagiarism issues, others will extort you, while some will offer poor customer service that will further frustrate you.

Besides personal due-diligence, you can also ask trustworthy friends about custom writing services or verify with reviewing sites such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

Lastly, strive to perfect your writing skills. If you do not have an assignment, create one, and ensure you finish it. Practice makes perfect. Remember, you can use the writing skills in the professional space, including the custom writing space.









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Published on: 10, Jan 2021
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