How to get the most from a custom essay writing service

You will enjoy many benefits when you hire the services of a custom essay writing service, especially if it’s a trusted one.

To begin with, you will save time. Do not jostle around with the technical details of a college essay. You can use your time to catch up on your other schoolwork as a professional homework helper writes the essay for you.

Secondly, you will beat the deadline and you will be able to present a nice, neat job written by professional homework helpers with the requisite experience and skill. Professional custom essay writers will always present your essay well before the deadline so that you can look it over. If there is need for any revision or rectification, there will still be time for that to be done and  beat the deadline. Because it is a custom essay or paper, all of your instructions will be followed. When the final paper is submitted, you can go through it with a fine comb to see whether all of your instructions were followed. This gives you the confidence to present the paper to your instructors knowing very well that it is meritable and bears scrutiny.

What is a custom essay writing service?

Just what is a custom essay writing service? From the word custom, you can guess that this is a service that offers essay writing from scratch. That means they do not sell pre-written papers. Every paper is unique and personalized to meet the needs of the student and the teacher.

Today, teachers favor students who can submit innovative work. They do not want work that is a replica of everything else that is already available in the libraries or on the internet. Thus, when you hire a custom essay writing service, you expect work that is 100 percent unique and that is personalized to meet your needs.

CAUTION: There are many scam essay writing services masquerading as the best in the market. Take deliberate steps to ensure that you get the most out of an online custom essay writing service.  Just because they claim to be the best doesn't mean they actually are.

Why should you a use custom essay service?

One thing that students world over have in common is too much academic pressure. There is a lot to do in a limited time frame. Thus, when they outsource their essay writing assignment to professionals, they are not lazy. They just want to cover all of their assignments in good time. Hiring your essay work out to custom essay writers means that the essay will be customized to meet the teacher’s instructions and your writing style. When you present the essay to your teacher, they will find it unique and written in your style. Writing a custom essay means curating it from scratch. This can take a lot of time. For a college student who holds a part time job, it can be near impossible to do your research paper assignments on time. If for whatever reason you cannot find the time to complete your essays on time, then you need a reliable and affordable writing service that can give value for money. But being too busy is not the only reason to have a writing service do your custom essay. To some students, writing is just not their forte. They prefer to pay a professional essaywriter to do the job for them rather than do it themselves and have to do revision after revision. Scientists, or in general people taking STEM subjects do not do very well at writing. They prefer to hire assistance while they spend more of their time studying other subjects. Finally, some people do not have the writing skills needed to produce a good essay. If one does not get good grounding in different forms of writing in high school, they might have trouble writing essays in college.

Tips To Get the Most from an Online Essay Writing Service

1. Avoid the lowest charging custom writing services

A lower-than-the-standard-market-rate price is a red flag. Chances are that as you seek to save a few dollars, you will not get the kind of quality that you deserve. Look around the market when you need research paper help and find out what the standard rates are. The answer is just a click of a few buttons away. Once you compare the rates, you will know what to expect and you will not be paying for any paper blindly. Just how much should research paper help cost you? Well, when it is customized, it also means that the price can be customized, if you make such a request. For a good research paper though, you should expect to pay anywhere from $14 dollars, of course depending on the level of education, the urgency and so on. A research paper is an academic paper that is required in your academic career starting at high school level all the way to doctoral level. Masters and doctoral research papers cost the same amount of money per page, but this may depend on the writer. Whatever amount you are required to pay is going to give you good return on investment, but ensure it is a reasonable cost. You will get a free no-obligation quote from any custom essay writing service in their order now form. You just choose the type of paper that you need, the number of pages and then they display the price per page. Compare prices from several services before you settle on one. Remember, while low price is not always an indication of mediocre quality, high pricing is also not a guarantee of quality. Just find a balance between quality and price.

  1. Due diligence

Before settling for a particular College homework help website, carry out your own research on the most reliable and legitimate service providers out here. This will save you a lot of time and disappointments. More often than not students end up suffering due to poorly done work. Use services such as quora and essay scam to filter out the legitimate websites. You can also ask around from your friends and senior colleagues. You’d rather not get online college homework help than pay for poorly done work.

3. They should be able to write all sorts of essays

Same as research papers, you will be required to write different types of essays in your academic life.Some of the most common essay types include the following:

College admission essays - Most college applicants are required to submit a college admission essay to be considered for admission. It is very important that you do not mess around with this essay and that is why you need help from custom essay writing services.

Scholarship essay – A scholarship application essay is crucial because very few scholarships are granted based on your performnace only. When asked to write a scholarship essay, know that the panelists will use this to gauge whether you should get the grant, or not. The essay must be brilliant, must have no grammatical errors and it must meet all the requirements. In the essay, you may have to answer questions such as how different life experiences have moulded you, what community programs you have been involved in etc . You may also have to describe your career goals and specifically why you need the financial assistance to study.

Argumentative essay – As you can guess from the name, this essay presents an argument on a certain subject. It is hard to develop and sustain an argument and that is why you need help.

Compare/Contrast essays – These essays compare one thing vs. the other. You will learn how to develop a good comparison essay. A professional essay writer can do the entire job for you, or they can sell you a sample so that you write your own.

Analytical essay – This is an analysis. You are required to present a strong case, but it can be hard to do especially if you are pressed for time. You need to lay out the objective of the essay, and then state a solid opinion, which you will then support amply.

Evaluating essays – In this type of essay, a thorough assessment of a certain subject is required from you.

Informative essay – This kind of essay seeks to inform the reader of a certain subject. It is for shedding light on a certain matter.

These are just a few of the types of essays that your teacher may require you to write. If you do not have the time to do it yourself, you can have professionals write it for you. As you can see, with almost 50 different types of essays, you need a writing service that has professional paper writers who can handle these tasks.

4. Proactive Communication

The essay writing service that you hire must keep the lines of communication open. If they are in a different time zone from yours, they should work in shifts so that there is always a person that you can contact. Instant chat on their website is very important, so is phone communication and other channels. That way, you are always in touch with your writer. In fact, the writing service should assign you a writer that you can work with. That way, if there is a problem to be addressed urgently, you can always contact with the writer, or the customer care representative.

5. Several guarantees

Before you hire a research paper helper, you will need a few guarantees in place. What does a research paper helper do? This is a professional who offers help with research papers at different levels of learning. It could be high school, College, masters or even doctoral studies.

Some of the guarantees that you might want in place include:

  • Confidentiality guarantee – They must guarantee never to reveal whatever transactions you hold.

  • They need to guarantee you that they will never resell your work or share it in any other way

  • Provide plagiarism-free work

  • Use the most updated sources for information

  • Guarantee to never publish your work online

  • Follow all of your instructions

6. They must offer a plagiarism report

The least that a writing service can offer you to show that they did genuine work is a plagiarism report. Plagiarism check a sentence-by-sentence search with special plagiarism software showing that all the work done is genuine and that the citations are done properly. Note that the plagiarism report should be offered free of charge. It is the only way to show that the work is genuine. It must be 100% unique.

In the academic world, plagiarism, whether intended or unintended is a very serious offense. It can stain your academic report for a long time, especially for important papers such as dissertations.

7. Free Revisions

Free revisions should be a standard feature for any legit custom essay service. It is always good to ask before placing an order to ensure that you will get your work revised free of charge should you be unsatisfied. If they do not offer free revisions, it is best to move on to others who do. Essay revision is a business on its own. However, you do not want to get your essay from one writing service to take it to an essay revision service where you will pay more money.Once you pay for a writing job, you pay for the best that they can deliver. They should revise the paper to ensure it meets your specifications.

8. Guarantee to meet the deadline

The best-written research paper would be useless if it is delivered after the deadline. In fact, the custom essay writing service that you give your job must guarantee that they will meet the deadline without failing. Sometimes, you may not have enough time to give writers weeks to write your essay. Thus, before hiring the services of an online homework help website check their menu to see whether they take urgent orders. If they do not offer deadlines as close as 3 hours, you should look for another service provider for your urgent orders. Of course, a close deadline means a higher cost. Some essay writing sites such as customwritershub make it easy for one to hire a writer. For example, on their order form, you will be required to choose the type of paper that you want, the time in which you want it and the number of pages. Just like that – you get a free, no obligation quote. They can deliver in deadlines of as close as three hours. Of course a 3 or 6-hour deadline costs more than a 7-day deadline.

9. Good customer service

Any time that you feel like sending a message to find out  about the progress of your essay, you should be able to get the customer care team. An essay is very important to your education. You will certainly feel the need to check on your writer from time to time. Customer service should be available when needed.

10. When to pay and refund guarantee

As the employer, it is to your best interest to pay a writer only as soon as the paper that you wanted has been approved. This is the standard practice in the market, but it is always good to be sure about it. The writing service holds the funds for your paper. That is fair enough. When the writer sends the paper, you find out whether you need any revisions done. If after the revisions the paper still does not meet the desired quality level, you get a full refund. If you approve of the final paper, the writer is paid.

11. Ability to select your preferred writer

A good college homework help website should give you the option of choosing your preferred writer at no extra cost. If you are charged extra for selecting a particular writer then you should try other services.

12. Customer reviews

To conclude this list of things to consider when hiring a writing service, look for customer reviews. To find customer feedback and reviews for a certain service, just type the name of the writing company (+ reviews) on Google.

Too many negative reviews raise red flags. Too many positive 5-star reviews also raise red flags. Look for a balance. Some customers are hard to satisfy no matter how good a company is. Thus, it is always fair that in every ten customer reviews; there will be a couple of negative reviews.

With these few tips, you should be able to find a good custom essay writing service. Get a high quality essay to deliver to your teacher. It will help your grades. 








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Published on: 05, Aug 2019
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