Essayshark- A comprehensive review

               Essayshark.com is a popular custom essay writing service that offers a plethora of assignments and research paper help to college, undergraduate, and post-graduate students. The company has worked successfully in the field of academia for over 10 years with a focus on customer satisfaction and quality services. The Essayshark Company upgrades its goal regularly to improve the quality of papers it submits to students, as well as improve customer satisfaction across the board. The success of the Essayshark Company has driven the platform to quite an innovative concept, and it relies exclusively on its integrated web platform to extend academic services to clients. Essayshark market resources, working experience, and customer feedback are the secret ingredient for the creation of an exclusive web platform called Essayshark.com. It is important to note that Essayshark has positioned itself as an online College homework help provider; it allows customers and writers to work together towards a mutually-satisfying paper. The ability to deliver satisfying products to customers is facilitated by the platform's ability to allow writers and customers to communicate directly to each other without the interference of a third-party or support staff. The advantage of allowing direct interaction and communication between customers and writers is to enable clients or customers to have independent and exclusive control of their orders from the very first step to the last stage.

Essayshark Customer-centric Approach

            The Essayshark Company has over a decade in the industry having worked with over a million customers regularly. Due to its seasoned experience in the field of academia, the company has learned that no one can manage orders more effectively than the customers themselves. As a result, the Essayshark online platform has endorsed a customer-centric philosophy in building long-lasting relationships with customers. Through the Essayshark platform, customers can decide which writer or researcher is best for their work, monitor and supervise their papers, and offer recommendations and suggestions for writers to perfect their work to satisfaction. Through the Essayshark platform still, writers can select their preferred writers according to their prices and budgets, and access the writers’ CV, writing skills, and professional experiences. Essayshark also enables customers to evaluate writers’ performance and skills, and share them with other users of the service so that feedback about a writer’s rating is transparent and adequate for future customers. Besides, the site provides customers with control and full authority over their work. The customers do not have to commit themselves to the writer; any payment is made after they settle for a writer whose work culture and work approach resonate with them.

How the Essayshark System Works

            The writers have a platform where they can access any order that is placed by clients. First, the writers check at the available orders in terms of deadline, complexity, and subject, and proceeds to place bids depending on complexity and urgency. The Essayshark system automatically adds a service price or fee and it is displayed to the customer. The customer then evaluates the different service fees for different writers and decides the writer that suits their budgetary preferences. Most importantly is that the customer then evaluates to become acquainted with each writer's level of cooperation and competence. Most importantly is that the system allows the client to monitor and supervise as the writer starts on the paper, and allows the customer to settle on a specific writer that meets their quality and delivery expectations.

Essayshark understands that half of the process of designing a mutually-satisfying product depends on the customer’s articulation of the instructions effectively. This means the client's view of the final paper must be made clear to writers – and as a result, the Essayshark website requires that customers provide clear, concise, and comprehensive instructions to facilitate the creation of high-quality, relevant, and top-grade final product. In efforts to encourage customers to talks to the writers effectively, the Essayshark online platform has created the customer rating system. This means that as much as customers can rate writers, the writers too have the opportunity to rate the client's corporate and satisfaction and can choose which customers to work with. Finally, the site provides a convenient, unique, and simple platform to offer a connection between students who struggle with their routine academic work and professional writers who are willing to help students bridge their academic gaps. The online system has enabled a seamless interaction and created a space for interactions between service providers and clients requiring academic services.

Essayshark Customer Reviews

            Most customers share differing sentiments about the quality of Essayshark. A scrutiny of the existing reviews shows that customers are generally satisfied with the fee and rates offered by this customized essay service. Some clients recommend it as the best all-around essay writing platform that offers the value for money. The customer reviews also show that Essayshark uses non-native writers that provide quality and standard papers at a cost estimate of $15 to $20. Still, customers can choose their preferred writers depending on their budgets. Reviews also state that if customers choose low-paid writers, they are likely to receive mediocre papers. Nevertheless, the general quality of most writers is satisfying to customers. There are customer reviews that Essayshark service is owned and operated by the One Freelance Limited; a brand that operates several other platforms like Bid4Papers and customwritings.com This means that customers who place orders in affiliated brother websites like Custom writings are likely to receive papers written by writers from Essayshark or bid4papers. This therefore means that Essayshark uses a questionable marketing tactic that lacks transparency and professionalism. In most customers’ opinions, websites that own different and several brands under the same brand name must not be trusted because they do not provide customers with much-needed transparency.


Essayshark Academic Writing Services

            Essayshark provides personal statement help for students at quite reasonable prices. Students can get professional personal statement help and get rid of endless writing, writing complicated arguments, and boring proofreading. The second service by Essayshark is the buy coursework provision that enables students to outsource help in their online coursework. The platform provides a secured system that enables students and customers to buy coursework of the highest quality and save on money and time. Research papers are the third service category by Essayshark. The website enables students and customers to access better grades easily. Most customers want to live life to the fullest but the endless and countless academic work does not fit into the plans of students. When students seek assignment writing services online, they save time for family, work, and other social plans and activities. College papers for sale are part and parcel of the services extended by the Essayshark writing platform. College students can ease their homework stress by tapping into the power and convenience afforded by Essayshark. The platform aims to provide timely services and unique ideas for all college papers. All this is done by a competent pool of writers and experts. Excellent is surely an understatement for the quality and delivery provided by Essayshark.

Process of Order Placement

The first step of the order placement is the creation of an order form. The order form contains specific details like email, type of paper, pages, and deadline. The second step of the process is that the customer chooses their preferred writer and asks for a free review. This step enables the customer to create rapport with the professional writer and determine whether the writer’s approach resonates with the client’s. Immediately they have chosen the writers, the clients reserve their payments. The fourth process is that customers enjoy seeing the progress of their products. The customer may ask for a progressive delivery of their assignment and can monitor the paper and give suggestions on a multi-stage process. The Essayshark system enables customers to collaborate with their writers, and to offer operational questions that would guide and shape the end product according to customers. The final step of the process ends when the customer evaluates their writer and offers constructive and transparent feedback about their relationship. This information helps guide future customers on the writer's selection and preference.

Essayshark Primary Guarantees to Customers

The Essayshark system guarantees three major provisions to its customers and clients. The first is the very best and competent pool of writers responsible for meeting the routine needs of customers. Essayshark system integrates a rigorous selection process to target, recruit, and retain the best talent in the market. Writers are selected based on academic qualifications, writing skills, professional experience, and competency. Essayshark also guarantees the premium cost and prices with no upfront payments. Writers are expected to place orders and communicate with writers. It is only after settlements with their preferred writers that customers preserve a payment for their work. The final guarantee by Essayshark is security, confidentiality, and the money-back guarantee. As a trusted provider with seasoned experience in academic work, Essayshark strives to offer a personalized and unique approach to customers. An important part of this is by offering customers the ability to claim their money back in case of any dissatisfaction.

The Order Form

            Essayshark offers two main types of order forms; a shorter and a longer one. The shorter version is located on the upper right corner of the website which must be filled. Once the customer or the website user presses "continue", the system takes them to an extended version of the order form. At this moment, the customer does not yet have an Essayshark account, it shall be created and a confirmation code sent to their email that they provided at the shorter order form. Customers must note that later, immediately they place their first order and enter a primary account, the password can be reset to a combination of letters and signs. Next, the customer is redirected to a more extended version of the order form. The customer can fill their order form with details like pages, deadline, and price. The students can upload additional materials and documents in the order form and specify other important information and requirements for the paper. The order form also enables customers to upload additional requirements for the writer, be it a draft, reading material, or sample documents at the order form. As a result, Essayshark's ability to offer both the short and extended order forms provides clients with convenience in posting instructions and then receiving feedback for their progress.

Social Responsibility

            The Essayshark website is a socially responsible essay writing service. The website has prohibited any paper or assignments that revolve around highly controversial issues like gay marriages and abortion. If customers place assignments and topics in the above areas, they are automatically rejected. The ability to reject papers on controversial issues enables Essayshark to declare its stand on social responsibility. The company also looks forward to developing its social responsibility footprint by providing additional provisions that will strengthen its stance on corporate issues. It is crucial to note that in the industry, social responsibility sets Essayshark apart from a plethora of Assignment writing service websites in that they do not have a stance on corporate responsibility.

What if the Client doesn’t Like the Order?

            It is crucial to note that even after careful articulation of the project instructions, the writer may fail to deliver according to the client’s expectations. Essayshark reputation is primarily pinned on create customer satisfaction through the delivery of high-quality papers. If the client is not satisfied with what the writer has written, they must communicate their comments to the writer for proper modifications and adjustments. The customers are expected to communicate their concerns while the order is still in progress to prevent the writer from starting on a new order. The customer may let the writer know where they are going wrong and guide them in the right direction. However, if the order placed by the client is already completed and placed in the "finished" category, the customer shall not be able to request a revision since the order is already placed in the finished status. What the client can do in such a situation is to place another order for editing or rewriting. The Essayshark philosophy of providing competent and satisfactory services is primarily pinned on creating a system that enables clients and writers to communicate via chat and articulate project instructions.

Writers Reviews

            The Essayshark has a rigorous recruitment system that targets the best writers depending on experience, skills, and qualifications. Most writers acknowledge that the platform is a good place to start and develop. The platform also offers a diverse range of essays and projects so writers can select their most preferred disciplines. Additionally, writers consider the management as loyal and a great workplace to work in. However, it is important to acknowledge that although writers enjoy a great flow of projects at favorable rates, there is a range of cons associated with the Essayshark platform. For instance, there are a lot of rush hours and tight schedules. The writer must be braced for long working hours at odd hours. Clients may request a revision at the last minute rush and hence writers are advised to remain always on the lookout in case of revision requests. It is important to note that nevertheless, writers acknowledge that the tasks on the website are super defined which gives writers an easy time to proceed on essays and assignments. The available set of reviews from writers show that the management is super demanding which means that writers must be prepared to deliver the very best work for competitive rates. Work-life balance is a crucial provision in the present work environment. The existing research shows that Essayshark offers its writers a favorable work environment that enables them to take breaks on specific days. The site is also important in creating a positive work-life balance.

Essayshark Prices and Quality

            The Essayshark website has a bidding system that is simple and easy to use. The Essayshark budget and service costs are considered as twice that of the market average. A simple background search shows that a 5-page essay with a two-day deadline shall cost $120. However it is worth noting that you can hire a cheap essay writer for a lot less. Customers acknowledge that the writers are good due to the presence of quality papers. However, clients believe that the site can hire more qualified people since choosing writers is often a hit-or-miss process. Customers recommend that working with a native English speaker is always a better option. The site offers real experts in specific fields, however, finding the most competent and qualified writer is not obvious. As a result, the existing research shows that quality in Essayshark is higher among English native speakers. However, non-native speakers offer equally quality output. According to the Similar Web ranker, a majority of Essayshark writers come from Kenya 26%, the United States 16%, Philippines 10%, and Ukraine 4%.

Essayshark writers

Why choose Essayshark?

The Essayshark platform offers a plethora of benefits to its users. The ability to integrate confidentiality, privacy and a money-back guarantee is a win-win for customers and writers. Most importantly, the website works with a large pool of competent writers who are selected based on qualifications, work experience, and writing skills. There are advantages provided by Essayshark that make it a superior writing platform on the internet.

  • Original Samples – The Company is dedicated to offering 100% original papers that have passed the quality assurance checks. The Essayshark platform is dedicated to non-plagiarism content through an inbuilt system. The writer considers the placed orders, s/he conducts thorough research, and creates the paper specifically for the customer. This means the ability to commit themselves to high-quality, unique content sets Essayshark apart in a plethora of academic writing services.

  • 24/7 Hour Support – The Essayshark platform has 24/7 support. If customers have queries about the Essayshark academic service and want details to make the requests, the site 24-hour support will have the client issues resolved.

  • Diverse Services. Whether clients need an essay, college paper, thesis, or custom writing help, the Essayshark platform is committed to providing specific experts for specific types of work. The professional writers can create any type of academic help. The experts are also versed in different areas and disciplines. Part of the diverse services by Essayshark is editing and rewriting services. It is important to note that clients and customers can enjoy quality services in highly diverse disciplines like social sciences, management, healthcare, and nursing. Also, politics, sociology, business studies, religious studies, and anthropology.

  • On-time Delivery – Essayshark considers "punctuality" as its second name and promises the clients quality delivery within the deadline offered. The site promises clients instant aid in every level of assignment and at any moment of time. It is crucial to note that part of the program is to offer 24/7 service to help address urgent orders at the wee hours.

Samples and Writing Guides

            The secret ingredient of Essayshark success is pinned on three fundamental factors: long experience in the industry with over 10 years, positive customer feedback, and market resources. A crucial part of its resources is the ability to provide a large database of samples and writing guides. Essayshark samples include but are not limited to samples in book reviews, Term papers, research papers, movie reviews, case studies, business papers, lab reports, critical thinking, business paper, coursework, and biography samples. Research proposals, poems, and thesis are part and parcel of the Essayshark resource base. Essayshark writing guides are dissected into various types. The most common writing guides include academic writing, essay writing, review writing, letter, research, and speech writing guides. An important part of the Essayshark resources includes presentation and term paper writing guides. Alongside the samples and writing guides, Essayshark operates a robust blog that covers specific issues of interest to various stakeholders including writers and customers. The above diversity of writing guides and writing resources enables Essayshark to extend help to a diversity of consumers and stakeholders. As a result, Essayshark market resources alongside a focus on customer service continue to power its academic services and make it a leading service provider.








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Published on: 17, Oct 2020
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