Essay help- What you need to know before hiring an essay writing service

Looking for professional essay help online? You could be buried under a pile of books, with overwhelming assignments. You still have other equally essential responsibilities to handle. Time is limited. Have you considered getting essay writing help online? If yes, have you started looking for an appropriate service provider? And what should you know before hiring an essay writing service?

You may have a myriad of questions such as "Is  it legal to hire an essay writer" ? "What is the cost of hiring essay writing services" ? "Will the essay writing websites deliver in time"? "Is essay typer legit" ? These and others are some of the frequently asked questions.

However, this write-up will be answering the essential questions about essay writing. The primary purpose is to furnish you with detailed information to help you before hiring any custom writing services.

What is an Essay?

The word essay comes from the Latin word "exagium," which means presenting one's case.

Wikipedia defines an essay as a piece of writing that gives the author's argument. The definition is synonymous with that of pamphlets, stories, articles, and paper.

There are two major categories of essays – formal and informal.

Informal essays will represent a writer's experiences and tastes. They are also humorous and embrace a graceful style. On the other hand, formal essays tackle serious topics and are academic in nature. Therefore, academic papers should have a formal structure.

Types of Essays

Regardless of the topic you are handling, an academic essay will fall into one of the following categories:

1. Expository Essay

Expository essays will mainly handle facts. It is an informative piece of writing that will represent a balanced analysis of a specific topic.

When writing expository essays, you define the topic using facts, statistics, and examples. Therefore, personal feelings are not allowed, and neither can you write in the first person.

Additionally, a typical expository essay will have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction captures the thesis statement. The body supports the thesis statement, while the conclusion summarizes the essay and supports the initial idea.

Examples of expository essay topics

  • Do people need to go to school?

  • Who do you admire and why?

  • Pros and cons of uniforms at school

  • If you could change education, what would you do?

2. Persuasive Essays

 As the name suggests, persuasive essays involve convincing the reader about something. The topic is defined using facts, logic, expert opinions, sound reasoning, and relevant examples.

All sides of the argument must be well represented to persuade the reader that your proposition is right.

Although it involves supporting a specific idea, you can either uphold or oppose the topic in persuasive essay writing.

Examples of persuasive essay topics

  • When should young people be allowed to drink legally

  • Are school textbooks doing more harm than good?

  • Should hockey be banned as a dangerous sport?

  • Should smoking in public places be allowed?

  • Is obesity a problem when it's a choice?

3. Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay writing is common in high school, although you can still find it in college. Generally, it entails a detailed description of the topic. You need to be creative.

The use of colorful words and sensory details is also essential in describing a place, object, person, or event. It is all about painting a picture using words. The reader should be able to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel the topic.

Examples of descriptive essay topics

  • A memorable vacation

  • Your pet

  • Your best friend

  • A scary event

  • A childhood memory

4. Narrative Essays

In narrative essays, you write about a real-life experience. The use of first-person 'I' is allowed to help engage the reader in the story.

Narrative essays will also have the introduction, which should create suspense, the body which builds the suspense created initially, and the conclusion that winds up the piece.

External sources are not crucial in narrative essay writing, making this assignment relatively manageable than the rest.

Examples of narrative essay topics

  • Your grandmother's life journey

  • A sad experience that changed you

  • A memorable childhood experience

  • An experience where you met a person who helped you

5. Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay aims at helping the reader to compare various things—for instance, differences and similarities between people, locations, and specific events.

Mixing compare and contrast essays with another type of essay is allowed. For example, writing about your previous school experience and the current school will involve narrative and compare and contrast essay writing.

Examples of compare and contrast essay topics

  • Is money an effective motivator at work?

  • Negative effects of smartphones

  • Fashion and identity

  • Bad and good teachers

Essay Writing Rules

There are specific essay writing rules and guides that need to be followed. A professionally written essay should observe the following general guidelines:

  1. The opening paragraph should describe the content of the essay. It should generally talk about the topic (thesis), its importance, and how the paper will address it. Such an introduction helps the reader to know what they will be reading, why they need to read it, and what they'll get out of the essay once they reach the end.

  2. The essay should have sub-topics that must also support the thesis statement. For long papers, there should be other headings with a supporting list of sub-heading. The titles and sub-titles should be organized in an easy to understand way.

iii. Each paragraph should start with a sentence that captures what the section will be discussing. The sentences in the paragraph should connect in an easy to understand way. The paragraphs should be short.

  1. The essay should flow from the beginning to the end. Therefore, each paragraph should seamlessly transition to the next.

  2. Each sentence should be short and must present new information. All sentences must be clear. There should be no vague sentence in the essay.

  3. Use of jargon should be minimal unless there is no option. Because the reader might not know the meaning of difficult words and terms, a brief explanation of terminologies should be available.

  4. The essay should have similar terms for easier readership and understanding. For instance, the use of 'emotions' instead of 'feelings' can confuse the reader. The two are an example of synonyms. Instead, the essay should explain the meaning of either 'feelings' or 'emotions' and stick to the preferred word. However, in science writing, using synonyms to define a specific term is allowed.

  5. Words like 'that' or 'this' 'their' or 'those' or 'they' or 'these' should not appear frequently. If used, they should be clear to avoid vagueness.

vii. There should be the use of factual information throughout the essay. Concrete information includes the use of examples, facts, quotes, and statistics. Real data is engaging and prevents the reader from getting bored.

viii. There should be no random facts. Everything should be clear and in harmony with the thesis.

  1. The conclusion should be concise, providing a summary of the idea and evidence provided in the essay. It should also make a prediction or propose a necessary future action such as an experiment or a relevant new topic.

Essay Checklist

 At a glance, a well-written essay should not miss any of the following:

  • An appropriate and interactive topic.

  • The correct length.

  • An engaging introduction that captures the thesis statement and provides a summary of the essay.

  • Use of short paragraphs throughout the paper.

  • Every paragraph starts with a topic sentence.

  • Every section connects to the essay thesis statement.

  • A clear transition from one paragraph to the next.

  • A conclusion doesn't repeat the main essay points.

  • External information sources have in-text citations.

  • The essay has a reference page at the end showing details of external sources.

  • Formatting guidelines - font, line spacing, and page numbers - have been observed.

Structure of an Essay

Before hiring an essay writing service, it is crucial to know parts of an essay. Not only will such knowledge help you to assess the quality paper after completion, but it will also help during the monitoring journey.

Generally, an essay will have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each part has a specified position within the paper. More also, each section contains specific information.

  1. The Introduction: The section introduces the essay and provides an overview of the content. A good introduction must have an engaging thesis statement and an opening hook to grab a reader's attention and outline the writer's arguments.

Note that some types of essays will have an over-viewing plot besides the opening hook and thesis statement.

  1. The Body: The body is the longest section of an essay. It contains short paragraphs that support the thesis statement. This section mainly defends the arguments and thoughts presented in an academic paper.

Additionally, it follows a specific format.

A well-articulated essay starts with strong body paragraphs that carry the most vital points. The second paragraph presents the next strongest arguments, and the third body paragraphs follow suit. As you can see, the format is similar to a marathon runner who starts strong but maintains momentum.                                    

The body always supports the topic with credible information. Sentences are structured using primary and secondary information sources.                                                                                   

  1. Conclusion: The conclusion is the last part of an essay. It creatively restates the thesis statement and summarizes the paper, and also keeps the reader engaged.

When Should You Hire Essay Writing Services?

Although sometimes you can handle all your assignments effectively, there are pointers that you should look for online essay help.

  1. Non-native English Speaker: For a non-native, essay writing is possible. However, getting good grades is a challenge. Writing in academic English is one of the hurdles for students studying in international English speaking schools.

It is worth noting that some natives struggle with grammar.

Either way, getting essay writing help is encouraged.

  1. Busy Schedule: Handling work, studies, and family is challenging. Most of the time, you will feel overwhelmed. No one will listen to such excuses. The essay has to be written and submitted on time. You can neither delegate your work nor family matters, then it's time to hire a professional academic writer.

iii. Proofreading And Editing: If you can't edit or proofread to perfection, consider getting essay editing services. Have you tried allowing the essay to "sit" and get back to it after some time but still can't see anything wrong? Do you lack new ideas even after looking at your paper with "fresh eyes"? Consider getting essay writing help. Professional editors will help fix grammar, format, style, and logical errors. You will have a perfect essay.

  1. Quality Essay: Legit essay writing services usually hire experts in different fields. You need that writer with a Ph.D. to help you write a well-researched, properly referenced, and original academic paper.

  2. You Love Trends: Hiring essay writing services is becoming a trend. No wonder the surge in academic writing sites. Most students love the efficiency offered by professional academic writers.

Because professional writers are talented, they only need clear instructions to deliver beyond your expectations. If you are curious about trends, then it's time to get essay writing help.

  1. Tight Deadline: The submission date is nearing. The essay is incomplete. You are sure you cannot manage to beat the timeline with the numerous assignments waiting for you. Consider getting essay writing help.

Legit online essay help websites will always submit orders in time. They do not like bad reviews.

Given that Custom paper writers are always writing,'their research skills are excellent. Moreso, essay writing orders are handled by experts, which makes it easy for them to write bespoke essays within record time.

What to Check before Hiring Essay Writing Services

The demand for online essay help has increased, prompting more companies to create assignment writing websites. Avoid accepting assistance from random websites. There are scam websites which increase the risk of getting unsatisfactory services.

Below are tips to help you choose a reliable paper writing site.

  1. Website Reputation: Reliable essay writing service websites always provide excellent customer service. Therefore they have minimal complaints.

You will realize that they have many orders. The rate of client retention is also high.

However, note that scam websites also rate their own sites. There are other tips to help you. Read on.

  1. Website Rates: Essay writing services have different ways of billing their customers. Some allow you to pay in installments, while others require full payment upon completion of your order.

Some websites have fixed rates. Conversely, other writing services use bidding systems where you choose a writer according to your budget.

  1. Availability of Discounts: Does the essay writing service offer discounts? Most reputable academic writing sites offer discounts to new clients. Loyal customers are also entitled to lifelong discounts.

It would help if you scanned through several websites to confirm their discounts. Choose the best price. However, do not comprise on quality.

  1. Ask for Samples: To confirm the site's essay-quality, request for a sample. You can even ask for several [papers to verify that the writers are legit. You can use the previously shared essay checklist to confirm that the site will deliver an excellent essay.

  2. Check On the Site's Refund Policy: You might not be satisfied with the produced work quality. To cushion yourself against unnecessary losses, confirm whether the website provides cash-back services.

There are essay writing services that never refund money. Others have stringent cash-back policies whereby, after a specific time, refunds are not applicable. Therefore be sure to ask for clarification.

vii. Scrutinize the Website's Writers: Poor quality is synonymous with inexperienced writers. If the site demands that you create an account first, do so to check the professional writers' profiles.

Confirm their expertise while also scrutinizing their writing experience. Moreover, read the customer reviews. Doing so will help you hire from the best site.

viii. Channels of Communication: Before hiring an essay writing service, note that it is essential to monitor your order's progress. Additionally, issues can crop up during or after submission of the completed order. Either way, you will need to engage the site customer support team or the hired writer.

If there are no reliable channels of communication, getting assistance will be a challenge. Besides emails, live chats have also become common. Some websites also provide toll-free phone numbers. Check whether the provided communication channels are operational. You do not want surprises after placing your order.

  1. Revisions: Before settling for any essay writing service, be sure to confirm whether they provide for revisions. How many modifications are available? And how much will you pay for additional revisions?

If the site does not allow for revisions, how much will pay if the need arises? Remember, to err is human. A website that provides for corrections is better.

  1. Customer Reviews: Besides checking reviews on writers' profiles, remember to read the website's reviews. Numerous negative reviews indicate poor services.

Also, note that illegitimate academic writing services usually leave positive reviews for themselves. Therefore, due diligence is essential.

Benefits of Hiring Essay Writing Services

Getting custom paper writing services has several benefits. Unless you come across them in an article like this one, you can only learn about the advantages after hiring an essay writing service.

One of the hidden benefits of hiring essay writing help services is the assurance of better grades. You only need to hire the best academic writer. You will get a plagiarism-free, well-researched, error-free paper. Quality papers are a sure route to academic excellence.

Secondly, professional writers will help to put your idea on paper. Not everyone can write excellent essays. You could be having a great topic or idea, but you cannot put it on paper.

Professional writers will help you pour your ideas on paper. Additionally, they polish the work to perfection.

Essay writing is time-consuming. To save time, it is advisable to hire an essay help service. You will unlock the time needed to do other assignments and handle personal stuff.

When you hire an essay writing service, you have the assurance of getting a quality paper. Professional academic writers will never disappoint with quality. They are experts in specific disciplines. You can trust their expertise to come up with a well-crafted essay.

Hiring essay writing services helps to reduce stress. Did you know that schoolwork is one of the leading causes of stress in students? The essay you have to write, revisions, and different assignments to handle, plus exams will result in pressure.

To manage excessive stress, it is advisable to get essay writing help. Only then can you lead a relaxed life and get good grades.


Do essay writing services really work?

Yes. You only need to ensure that you hire legit service providers. You will be surprised by the results. You should also leran about how to get the most from a custom essay writing service in order to get value for your money

Is it safe to buy essays online?

Buying research papers and  essays online is safe, although you should do cautiously. Besides the presence of fake websites, schools discourage students from getting essay writing help. Therefore, you should check on the site's confidentiality before hiring them.

Over to You

Before hiring an essay writing service, note that there are numerous illegitimate service providers. Scam websites are only interested in your money.

One of the indicators of fake essay writing service is the presence of many departments. You will find human resources, quality assurance, customer service, and other departments, yet only one person runs the site.

Secondly, quality and cheap can never mix. If you find the essay help site charging low rates, be extra careful before buying their services. An experienced writer will always sell their expertise and time. Confirm from several websites the average rates to save yourself from scammers.

Requesting a custom essay sample can also help you avoid scammers. Once you get the sample, be sure to check on grammar errors, authenticity, formatting, and style. Discard any site that offers low-quality samples.

Lastly, check on the reviews. The more the number of reviews, the better. More positive reviews mean you are safe.








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