Do my Homework for me

If you have not done it before, you can try it right away—type the words 'do my homework for me' on Google or even Microsoft Bing and check the results.

You will see millions of results related to your search. If you go a step further and click on the links, you will realize that most are academic writing websites. This services have been in existence for over two decades now!

What does that tell you? Students are no longer afraid of seeking College homework help from online strangers. With more students getting admission into high-schools, colleges, and universities, the need for homework help has increased.

In response to the market demand, supply has also increased substantially.

Services Offered By Academic Writing Websites

Assignment help sites are commonly associated with essay writing. However, they offer a range of services.

The type of services offered varies from website to website. They include:

  1. Writing Services: Environmental Studies homework, Analysis assignments, Philosophy assignments, Arts homework, Anthropology assignments, Computer homework, Architecture homework, Mechanics homework, Nursing homework, Pharmacy homework, Translation homework, research papers, personal statements, reports, annotated bibliography, creative writing, presentation speech and term papers.

  2. Visual Aids: Graphic design, PowerPoint presentation, logo design, excel exercises, graph illustrations, java homework, C++ homework, python homework, CPM homework, MATLAB homework, C.V. design, Prezzi homework, Engineering homework, Pre-calculus assignment, English, French, and Italian homework.

        3. Homework: Physics, Statistics, Micro-economics, Biology Macro-economics, Calculus, Chemistry, Finance, Math, and Accounting exercises, Information Technology homework, Research Methodology assignment, Marketing homework, Human Resource assignment, Fashion homework, Business homework, Economics, and Japanese homework.

4.   Editing and Proofreading WorkYou can request a professional writer to edit and proofread your assignment. It ensures that what you submit is error-free.

5.   Rewriting TasksRewriting occurs when an academic writer changes or edits 60% of your assignment.

When Should You Seek  Assignment help Services

It is alright to strive and do all the assignments by yourself. But sometimes, getting help is a great idea.

So, do you really need someone to do your homework?

When is the right time to ask for homework help from a custom writing site?

  1. Extensive periods of sickness is one scenario that might demand that you get assignment help. Illness makes you miss many lessons. Catching up becomes a challenge. You are unable to submit assignments in time. You will need someone to do your homework so that you can have some free time to concentrate on other school-related activities and personal interests.

  2. Secondly, personal problems can prevent you from doing your homework. It might be in school or outside the school – for example, divorcing or separating parents. Such challenges deny you the ability to concentrate. Doing your assignments becomes an uphill task. Because there are deadlines you should observe, the way out is by getting help with your homework.

iii. Sometimes, you could have little knowledge about the assigned task. Alternatively, you might know nothing at all. It could be that the topic was not covered well. Or perhaps, you were unable to grasp the concept. Whichever the reason, you will end up submitting low quality work. Therefore, it would be best to hire homework help services. It will help you get good grades.

  1. If the deadline is too close, then you can consider hiring homework help services. However, be prepared to pay more for assignment help. Why? Most academic writing sites charge higher when the given deadline is too short. Therefore, check on the amount of your schoolwork early. If you suspect you might run out of time, hire an academic writer in advance. Save your wallet from unnecessary expenditure.

  2. If you have previously failed, you should consider hiring assignment help services. A writing service will help you upscale your grades, but you will also learn from the experts (legit sites employ qualified personnel to handle their customer's requests. And they are quite patient and supportive). Once you know the strings, next time, you will do the homework yourself.

  3. All institutions have different rules. But in academic writing, there are some standard rules. For instance, a student writing an essay using the MLA, APA, or Chicago format must adhere to the laid down formatting rules. If you are having challenges with such universal laws, then you should consider getting homework help. Professional writers are familiar with all writing rules. Furthermore, they are always up to date with any changes.

vii. According to the Institute of International Education, there has been increased enrollment of international students in the U.S. If you are among these non-native English speaking learners, excelling in class can be difficult. As a result, you might need to hire homework help. Once you catch up, then you can write your papers and finish the rest of the assignments by yourself.

viii. Being in school never meant that other aspects of life ceased existing. You still have co-curricular activities, social and family issues to handle. While this may be true, finding a balance is never easy for many students. The burden from school can be overwhelming. When the schedule becomes too tight, relieve yourself from stress by getting help with homework.

Best Homework Help Websites

The web has a long list of sites that can do your assignment. Unfortunately, some are fake. Scam academic writing websites will always deliver sub-standard assignments. You are at risk of failing if you hire such a service.

Here is a list of some of the best "Do my homework" sites to hire.

1. Tutor

Tutor.com is one of the largest homework help websites. It has over 1,300 experts (academic tutors, librarians, peer coaches, and career tutors). The site is also among the oldest, having been in existence for over 20 years. You can access online tutoring from the website. Since its inception, the company has offered over 10 million one-on-one sessions. Also, they offer homework help for over 250 subjects and test preparation. Subjects covered include Math, Science, English, Business, Nursing, Information Technology, and Foreign languages (German, French, Arabic, Italian, and Spanish). You pay via UPS and can engage them on a 24-hour basis.

2. Homeworkholics.com

 Can you do my homework for money? Homeworkholics promises to  handle all your senior classes' homework help requests for a fee. Students can access community college, undergrad, graduate, postgraduate as well as MBA assignment help. Services offered include writing assignments such as essays, quizzes, tests and exams, and school assignments. Additionally, their expert writers can help you complete your online courses. You only need to fill a request form and pay. Your deadline and homework type determines the cost as indicated. Payment is through PayPal

3. 24HourAnswers

Just as the name suggests, the platform offers assignment help all day and night. At 24HourAnswers, they use whiteboard technology to provide live lessons. They can also help you with your assignment, lab write-ups as well as practice questions. Also, they have samples of previous homework help solutions, which you can purchase for revision purposes. Furthermore, the company offers hardware support, software configuration or installation, and technical support. But you have to register, then log in to access their services. They have several payment options, as in the screen-grab below. Payment is after negotiating with your preferred tutor.

4. Chegg

Do you need help to grasp a challenging concept? Then Chegg.com is the right platform. With their video explanations, they will walk with you step by step and make it easy for you to understand. You can also find scholarships, access course reviews, hire or buy new and used textbooks as well as digital books. Interestingly, they offer free shipping if your textbook order exceeds $35. Furthermore, you can get assignment help for Linear Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Algebra, among other subjects. And, you can find an internship through their Chegg internship function! Lastly, the site is PayPal, and BBB verified, meaning it is a trustworthy homework help website.

5. Studenthelpmate

Studenthelpmate.com is another interactive homework help site. It features an easy to navigate website. Each function on the homepage leads you to a related page, which allows you to choose what suits you. For example, the Math button redirects you to another webpage that features three options – free kids Math games for ages 4-16, Math practice problems, and Math games. You then choose your preferred option to access help. Note that the site offers free support for simple Math tasks. But, for detailed homework help or tutoring, you need to create an account to pay for services.

6. The Academic Advantage

The company has offered academic help services since 2000. They mainly target students in grades K-12, whereby learners can access either group or one-on-one tutoring sessions. Some of the subjects covered include Math, all Sciences, History, Technology, English classes and foreign languages such as Spanish. Additionally, you can access test preparation services for The Regents, Stanford 9, SAT, ERB/CTP 4, CHSPE, GRE, among others. The highly qualified tutors also teach effective learning techniques and studying habits to help you achieve the best grades. Lastly, grade 6-12 students can access accredited courses on the platform.

7. Homeworkhelp

The company's core activity is selling academic software and services to libraries, schools, home-users, student organizations, small organizations, and districts. Homeworkhelp.com has partnered with AccuLive Commander, Achieva College Prep, AOL@SCHOOL, Acer America, and Academic Superstore to provide better services. They also offer online tutoring services for the working class, college students, and grade 4-12 learners. Their live lessons allow students and tutors to have a real-time two-way audio dialogue over a P.C. You can also text the tutor and receive a response immediately! Therefore, you can sign up for writing assignments support, interactive exercises, review lessons, and quizzes.

8. Growing Stars

To boost first-time customers' confidence, Growingstars.com provides a free trial. The free offer comprises 4 sessions. If pleased with the first session, they debit your credit card. However, you can get a refund if you are dissatisfied by the fourth session. Uniquely, tutors at the site use the same textbooks as those used by students at their schools. Such an approach helps students to understand tough concepts they were unable to grasp at school. Besides helping college students, their services also cover elementary, high school, and middle school students. Prices range from $80 to $120 per month. You can pay via one of the below channels.


9. Speedy Paper

Although the institution has been in operation for only five years, it is among the best writing sites. You can get homework help for college classes to Ph.D. level. SpeedyPaper handles orders for dissertations, essay writing, multiple-choice questions, thesis writing, problem-solving, among other academic tasks. For new customers, a 'how-to video' makes it easier for you to navigate the website. Furthermore, the site provides for revisions when the need arises. About pricing, the website features a calculator. The cost is determined by what you input on the calculator. Here is a screen-grab of the available payment channels.

10. Bookworm Hub

BookwormHub.com operates like HomeworkMarket.com. Students submit questions and choose their preferred tutor. Also, the site provides an order tracker that helps check the progress of their request. You can find homework help for Computer Programming, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Math, Statistics, and Engineering. If you need academic tips, the website's blog option directs you to helpful articles and videos. Also, Bookworm Hub is among the few writing sites that hold funds (payment is through MasterCard) while you confirm the delivered work quality. Furthermore, you can rate the tutor after they submit your request. The strategies ensure that tutors offer quality services.

Homework Help Apps

Besides homework help websites, you can download apps to assist you to tackle your assignments.

Other alternatives include:

  1. a) Your teachers: Tutors are an excellent resource whenever you have challenges with your homework. Although sometimes they can be busy, you can still request them to support you. They will spare some minutes to help you.

  2. b) Fellow students: Some students are naturally sharp. It could be in specific areas, or they can crack almost all subjects. You can approach them for assistance.

  3. c) Parents: For the lower grades, parents can offer homework help. Alternatively, your parents can provide solutions for assignment help such as hiring a tutor or buying educational materials.

  4. d) Teaching others:You can work on assignments in groups. Besides the advantage of brainstorming for ideas and solutions, you will not easily forget what you taught your peers.

Below is the list of homework help apps:

  1. Socratic

For over 10 years, students have used Google to fetch answers. Socratic works in almost a similar manner. You can download the app for free on an Android or iOS device. Then, take a picture of the problem and ask for help. Using A.I., Socratic searches for an answer online for Math, Chemistry, and Physics questions. However, it might not give 100% correct answers. Nonetheless, it reduces the time used to tackle a problem.

ii. Photomath

A free download is available for iOS and Android devices. The app will help you solve Math equations. You only need to scan or take a photo of the problem. Photomath then gives you a step by step approach to finding the answer. Remember, the app does not work on handwritten questions. It recognizes textbook equations only. You will also find the app helpful when tackling challenging concepts. You can watch a procedure over and over until you understand

iii. HwPic

Are you stuck while working on an algebra, trigonometry, or calculus question? You should not worry. With HwPic, you can take a photo of the problem and forward it to your tutor. The teacher can then respond with a step by step solution. Is homework done? Absolutely! The app is also compatible with iPod, iPhone, and iPad but requires at least iOS 3.1. Lastly, HwPic is free to use, but some categories of homework help services require payment.

iv. Wolfram Alpha

You can download Wolfram Alpha on iOS and android devices. However, you have to pay to use it for homework help services. You can choose a monthly or an annual plan. Although it is similar to Photomath, it does not support photos. Also, unlike Photomath, the app allows you to get homework help for different subjects such as History, Music, English, Sciences, Engineering, et cetera. Once you choose the subject, you type the question in provided spaces and allow the app to generate an answer.

v. Slader

You can freely download Slader on an iOS device but remember it requires a monthly subscription from its users. The app is a crowd-sourced platform for college and high school students that offers homework help for Math, History, Science, and History. You can ask questions through the chat feature and wait for a live agent to respond. Furthermore, the app allows you to get assignment help from tutors by sharing a photo of the problem.

Homework Tips

One effective way of avoiding stress at school is by doing your homework quickly. Postponing and being slow results in a backlog. In a few days, the work becomes more than you can handle.

The following tips can help you finish your assignments faster:

  1. Plan: Proper planning will ensure that you manage your time well. It will also help you to prioritize the most critical tasks. Set specific timelines for all the lessons and stick to the decision. Also, start with the most difficult questions or those having a short deadline. When stuck, skip to the next question. You can finish the tough one later.

  2. Start right away: Avoid a last-minute rush and look through the work while still in class. If anything is not clear, ask the teacher to clarify. Then, start working on the assignment the soonest possible after arriving at home. It becomes easier because you can still remember what the tutor said in class.

iii. Have the ideal environment: Be sure to organize your books and other items. It will save you time and the frustration of searching for a pen, a ruler, a textbook, and so forth. Also, the area should be comfortable, quiet, and free from distractions.

  1. Take breaks: If you feel tired, take some time off the assignment. A 15 to 30-minute break is enough to leave you refreshed and re-energized. You can take a walk, sleep (but do not force yourself), workout for 15 minutes, or take a healthy snack (sugar-free) and remember to take plenty of water.


Can students pay someone to do their homework?

Yes. Many academic writing sites provide assignment writing services. There is also a list of some of the best homework help websites in this write-up.

How much should I pay for homework help services?

The cost differs from site to site. Most writing services consider the amount of work, complexity, and the deadline before charging you.

Is domyhomeworkfome123.com legit?

Yes. Customer reviews posted on Sitejabber and Trustpilot are enough proof that the site exists. Although there are a few complaints, most customers are pleased with the company's services.

When is the best time to do my homework?

Doing your homework at night has its benefits, and so does a daytime assignment schedule. It depends on you. When are you most active? Is it during the day or at night?

Winding Up

You can never exhaust the list of websites and apps that can do your homework. Although outsourcing your assignment has various advantages, doing it yourself is also beneficial.

Schoolwork can indeed be overwhelming. However, some level of stress is good for the human brain. The strain helps to toughen you up. It is a sure way to exercise the brain.

More also, most researchers spend a lot of time studying alone or in groups. Their discoveries have brought solutions to various societal challenges, such as breakthroughs in the health sector.

Why not start practicing now? You could be the next renowned researcher!








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