An experts review of the custom writing platform customwritings.com

Customwritings.com is a provider of custom writing services specializing in academic writing, admissions writing, and additional writing services. The Custom essay writing service begun in 2008 and is currently owned by One Freelance Limited based in London, the United Kingdom. The custom writing services are embedded with unique and enticing features that range from flexible pricing and short deadlines to formatting and order tracking of projects in progress. The College homework help website connects a diverse range of customers to a competent pool of specialists tasked with delivering quality content and top-notch papers. A unique feature of this paper writing service is it’s robustly intuitive website that embeds multiple features and functionalities intended to meet customers’ needs. The website has a wide range of experts qualified to provide competent essay writing services. As a result, Customwritings.com  excels in the delivery of excellent papers that meet client requirements. The Assignment help service manages a large pool of writers with exposure in the field of academia.

Custom Writing Services

Customwritings.com extends a diverse range of services which are mainly dissected into three main categories; admission essays, academic writing, and additional services. The academic services include but are not limited to thesis, assignment, essays, and reviews. The academic writing portfolio also captures other supplementary writings like homework, case studies, capstone projects, and critical thinking. It also offers custom report services with documented statistical and experimental details captured in the reports. What makes Customwritings.com a preferred platform for academic writing is the ability to extend other services like a grant proposal, coursework, annotated bibliography, presentations, and projects. The diversity of academic services provided by the Affordable writing service has enabled the website to cover a growing pool of students troubled with academic work. Part of the Custom Writing services offered is essay writing. The website is a premium provider of admissions essay services that range from College admission essays, scholarship application essays, personal statements, and entrance essays. Customwritings.com understands the complexity and scope of admissions essays and is able to extend help to potential students looking forward to joining institutions of higher learning. Finally, additional services like: business plans, lab report help, summary, reflection paper writing, MBA papers, question and answer examinations.

Pricing Policy

            Customwritings.com understands that cost and price are key additives to any services. As a result, the prices are based on the academic level, urgency, number of pages, and type of paper. The main levels existing include; high school, undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate papers. The high school papers are the least priced while post-graduate and doctorate papers attract premium costs. Urgency further dictates a relatively higher price. Papers with short deadlines cost relatively more than papers with long deadlines. Customwritings.com pricing policy takes into consideration the availability of writers and the time it takes to complete papers. As a matter of principle, the custom essay writing service encourages customers or students to place papers with longer deadlines to allow adequate time for completion. Part of the pricing policy is that prices are calculated on a page-basis. Projects are evaluated for the page numbers before a final price is set.

Custom Writing Experts

Their professional paper writers undergo a  rigorous hiring process that tests knowledge in language, grasp of academic writing, experience, and academic qualification. The hiring process is underpinned by three primary stages. First, the website prioritizes candidates with a firm grasp of academic language, advanced language skills, and experience in writing school-based, academic papers. As a result, candidates with previous experience working in schools and academic institutions have an added advantage. Researchers and scholars working in academic-related fields stand a better opportunity to work. All the candidates take an English proficiency and subject-specific test. Candidates must write a sample paper that exemplifies their communication skills to the hiring team. The ability to embed subject-specific, English proficiency tests are to ensure that candidates have the required level of proficiency to provide quality college homework help services. After candidates have passed and excelled in the above steps, the website sets an extensive trial and mentorship program. The mentorship program prepares candidates to meet students’ academic instructions. The mentorship program is further intended to bolster the candidates' approach to tasks while preparing the candidates for any changes that may occur in the course of doing their work.  

Diversity as a Strength

Customwritings.com works with a diverse team of experts who hail from different parts of the world. Therefore, diversity as strength is embedded in the business culture and philosophy of the company. The professional paper writers come from different nationalities and specialize in diverse disciplines like psychology, sociology, anthropology, business, and economics. Due to this diversity, Custom writings has managed to attract a highly diverse pool of super-writers who can work in over 75 different disciplines for high school, college, university, and doctorate. The writers are prepared to excel in an array of papers; from a simple 101 essays to extensive MBA research paper help services. Customwritings.com expert statistics show that they have a pool of over 500 writers located in over twenty countries. Besides, the website employs 79 mentors and 56 support operators to ensure the delivered copies meet the set quality and assurance standards. Diversity as a strength enables the custom writing service  remain prepared at the glaring face of changes while being sustainable at the onset of customer demands. This means that diversity of experts has allowed Custom writings to target clients not only in Europe and American but across other continents and nations. Other than having a highly diverse team of experts, the custom writing service prides itself in having the team work together delivering extraordinary papers.     

Sample Papers

While priding itself with excellent and extraordinary deliveries, Customwritings.com does give sample papers. The benefit of sample papers is to enhance self-confidence so that students can carefully analyze their weaknesses and strengths and only focus on working on weak areas. Sample Custom Writing papers help relieve exam stress and fear by giving the student an idea of the questions and answers expected by instructors. For far too long, students have been exposed to assignments and questions they did not have a prior idea about. The sample papers are based on the actual paper format to give students an idea of what is expected. The custom writing service has devoted itself to providing a plethora of sample papers to help students in preparation analysis. Also, these samples are accessible for a range of other purposes such as  knowledge-seeking, improve speed, and accuracy of papers.

It must be established that a complex writing practice can scare a freshman as well as an experienced final year student. The website offers samples to brace students on what is expected. The platform is confident to state that papers do not scare away its experts. The site has been writing papers since 2008 and today, the rising number of papers completed by its pool of experts provides a basis to understand the direction of future papers. Other than improving accuracy and speed, sample papers provided are intuitively linked to the most basic needs of clients. This means that the website experience in academic writing enables it to understand student expectations, as well as lay ground for meeting student needs. Finally, it must be established that the wealth of services offered by Custom writings are supported by a complementary list of sample papers. This implies Customwritings.com has a very large pool of sample papers imaginable that match the services they extend to clients.  

Custom Writing Service Features

            As a cost-centric platform customwritings.com embeds service features complementing the services they offer. The service feature refers to specific traits identifiable by the nature of services provided by the Custom writing platform. The uniqueness of  services offered sets the services apart from the competition and help communicate the full capability of the services to client and customers. There are four service features offered by the custom paper writing service. Money-back guarantee, quality and reliability, experience, and confidentiality. These service features are not only the heartbeat of the service; they also convey important messages about the capability of the platform to its users.

  • 100% Money-Back GuaranteeCustomwritings.com understands that clients may not always be satisfied with the results. As a result, other than offering a free proof-reading, editing, and rechecking of the work by the expert who initially did it, the site promises a refund. Precisely, customers can always request a refund if they are not satisfied with expert deliveries. It is as a result of the money-back guarantee that the custom writing platform has managed to set itself apart in the market and to remain one of the most trusted custom essay service providers.

  • Quality and Reliability – Quality is the most sought after trait in the services delivered to clients. The Custom Writing service sets a very high standard of quality and reliability to guarantee client satisfaction. The existing statistics show that Customwritings.com has an 8.5 out of 10 average scores. The customer feedback data further shows 98.46% of all orders are delivered on time. This means that quality and reliability as fundamental benchmarks of testing and evaluating client satisfaction, particularly in essay writing service fronts and domains.

  • Experience – The College homework help platform has been helping students and graduates successfully for over a decade. Since it gained a footing in 2008, Customwritings has held its experts to the highest standards. The site embeds rigorous hiring standards and provides an extensive mentorship program that intends to orient candidates to the work environment and culture of the firm. It is solely through the provision of highly talented experts that it meets the ever-changing needs of students and clients at large.

  • Confidentiality and Security – Confidentiality and privacy are at the heart of the custom writing platform. The platform prides itself in secure storage of student information by embedding systems that are designed to maximize security. The availability of secured database and systems allows Customwritings.com to secure student identifying information like names, passwords, credit card information, and school information. Further, all information is accessible by the original user which means that no information is kept open to third parties.

Custom Writing Reviews and Testimonials

            The service boasts of many positive reviews and even more encouraging testimonials. Most students acknowledge that the platform provides excellent academic help and well-written papers. Students also admit that they provide highly competent papers and the writers are available to handle any minor revisions in good time. It must be established that albeit providing competent and excellent services, some students have identified specific grammatical errors and mismatches in papers. A systematic review of customer feedback shows that while some students are fully satisfied with the product, some reviews question the grammatical context of custom writing services. Nevertheless, client feedback shows that although some students identified some grammatical contexts to make, the papers met all the instructions. It is important to note that the existing statistics portray Customritings.com as a dependable and highly competent essay platform. Out of 1173 feedback score, 72% termed the services as excellent, 18% term as good, 4% rate Custom writings products as average, and 1% term as poor. Only a small fraction of 6% termed the site as bad. Overall, it is evident that Custom writing has an above-average score.

Customer Relationship Management

            Like most online platforms, the custom writing platform understands that its clients are mostly located in virtual platforms. The platform has bolstered its online reach by including a plethora of contact channels that include; email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and chat boxes. The firm understands that clients require instant help and sets aside a plethora of contact domains. The chatbox is segmented into the FB messenger and live chat. Staff contact potential clients either through FB messenger or live chat which means that the website has laid a good foundation in customer relationship management. The ability to integrate multiple chat platforms opens doors to good customer relations as a result of instant contact and instant help. Further, electronic mail is a crucial communication channel that enables Custom Writing to access clients and writers via mail. This means that experts receive notifications through email and are expected to confirm their availability in their account portals. This article notes that customer relationship management is at the heart of the website’s current reconnaissance. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Writings

The internet is nowadays swarmed with many custom essay service providers working with diverse writing sites. In choosing the most reliable sites, great reviews help consumers with selection. As seen above, Customwritings has stood the test of time through credible and reliable services. The site has continuously delivered reliable services to writers and helped bridge the gap between student expectations and instructors' demands. The platform promises the clients high quality, plagiarism-free copies because it has a pool of experts with years of experience. Most importantly, the diversity makes the site stand out due to its wide range of products that appease a very large pool of consumers. Although offering expert help in a plethora of disciplines, there are a few disadvantages worth mentioning. First, the samples offered by Custom writing platform are available in other custom essay writing services which raises the question of the credibility of their services. The large assortment of samples provided by the website can also be accessed in other essay platforms and as a result, there are no original copies. Secondly, there is a concern that the quality of resources utilized by the writers is not upto  recommended standards. This means that writers access non-academic materials that lead to questions about the quality of papers. Finally, the site does not provide proofreading and rewriting services. This means that by extension if you request these services clients have to pay the price for an original piece to have it edited or rewritten.   

Advantages of Custom Writings Services

As highlighted, their services are embedded with enticing features that make them a must-go for potential students and customers. Custom writing has positioned itself as a premium service-provider with similar advantages and provisions as other platforms in academia. The company's intuitive platform provides for seamstress browsing and enables students to access any samples, papers, and experts, and place orders effectively. Alongside its intuitive platform and amazing features, Customwritings.com is a high-ranking platform due to a collection of other features and advantages.

  1. Easy Order Tracking – The robustly intuitive platform permits for a smooth flow of communication among different stakeholders: writers, students, support staff, mentors, and editors. The easy order tracking feature enables students and clients at large to track the progress of their orders. Clients can access the progress of placed orders, request adjustments and make recommendations before the paper is submitted to them. The easy order tracking capability has enabled the service to bolster its customer relationship management while remaining at the top of the academic food chain.

  2. Custom Formatting – True to its name, Customritings provides standard and customized citation and referencing formats. Students reserve the freedom to request Harvard, MLA, APA, or Chicago citation needed in their paper. Part of the candidate mentorship program is to accustom any potential writers with any writing, formatting, and citation conventions.

  • Flexible Pricing Policy – Customers have the option to keep the cost of their papers cheap and affordable. Writers have a plethora of pricing policy benchmarks that customers can tweak to arrive at their preferred cost or prices. These include deadline, academic level, and subject.

  1. 75+ SubjectsThe essay writing service offers a wide range of help in admission services and academic writing. The site prides itself in a very large pool of experts who can deliver in multiple disciplines like social sciences, humanities, engineering, and physical sciences.

  2. Short DeadlinesCustomwritings prides itself on the provision of professional services in the shortest time. The site has invested in a robust platform that intertwines day and night time writers. The design of a day-and-night website allows them to offer a wide range of services at any time of the day. Short deadlines are a unique provision of Custom Writings particularly due to a rise in the demand for short deadline orders at wee hours.

  3. Free Features – Customwritings.com is braced with a range of additional features. The website offers a full range of free services in writing the cover page, the bibliography, and the reference page. Most custom essay providers charge customers a small fee for ancillary services such as the title page, citations, and referencing. Most importantly, custom essay service providers will set exorbitant fees for extraordinary or "not-so-common" citation styles like Chicago and Harvard. However, The Custom writing platform prides itself on looking at free features as an additional provision for its clientele and this has gone a long way in positioning the site as a custom provider of essay services.


All factors considered, the platform is average at best. This is because of the exorbitant charges levied on students. Most clients are students who are looking to hire a cheap essay writer so it doesn’t make sense at all overcharging them. Secondly, there are many reliable essay writing services that offer better deals such as discount codes to their clients. The platform doesn’t offer such niceties. Finally the concerns that most of their essay writers aren’t English native speakers dents their credibility.

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Published on: 26, Oct 2020
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