How to buy research papers online

Are you wondering what to do about a looming deadline for your research paper? yes, you can buy research papers online. With the current fast-paced global environment, the pressure to handle various responsibilities simultaneously, drives people into multi-tasking. You could have a family, investment or business, friends, a lot of school work, and all to handle.

A survey conducted in 2006 by Statisa indicated that school work was among the leading causes of stress in students across America. Concerning multi-tasking, studies have shown that it affects the quality of your overall results.

As you can see, extreme pressure can weigh you down. There is also the probability of dropping out of school. Such reasons will require you to look for a custom paper writing service to help you out.

Buying papers has never been so easy. Many legit companies are offering custom writing services at affordable prices. Read on to understand how you can buy a paper online and find answers to commonly asked questions about online research paper help services.

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What is a Research Paper?

There are two categories of non-fiction class papers - research papers and topic papers. Academic research papers require you to come up with research paper topics of your own. On the other hand, you will be given a topic to write about in topic papers.

The research paper will entail presenting an idea or a solution to a problem using evidence. For this reason, personal opinion is exempt from an academic research paper. Simply put, you can start by asking a question. The answers to the question will generate the idea.

Besides searching from the library and online sources, questionnaires can be used to collect data. Opinions derived from the filled questionnaires will give conclusive answers to the topic.

Research papers are also published in academic journals. However, before publication, referees (researchers working in the same field) have to approve. The scrutiny process (peer-reviewing) ensures that the paper is at par with the laid down scholarly standards.

Outline of a Research Paper

It is essential to know what you are buying online. An academic research paper comprises three main parts - the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Introduction: It’s the first section of the paper. The introduction mentions the research topic and the purpose of the study. The introduction also gives a summary of the main points to be covered in the paper. It is further divided into:

  1. Statement of the Problem

  2. Definition of Terms

  3. Theoretical Framework

  4. Methodology (the type of research, respondents, and questionnaires)

  5. Hypothesis

  6. Review of Related Literature

  7. Scope and Limitations

  8. Significance of the Study

Learn more about how to write an introduction for a research paper


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Body: The body of a paper is the longest part. It seeks to persuade the reader about the thesis by providing evidence. If the research topic is extensive, the body will be divided into smaller sections. However, it comprises two main portions- the background of the study, and presentation and analysis of the research data.

Conclusion: Lastly, there is the conclusion part. The section is not just a summary of the research work. It helps a reader understand the importance of the topic to them.  The conclusion also recommends new areas for future research.

learn more about how to write a conclusion for a research paper

Buying Research Papers Online - What does it mean?

More people are resorting to purchasing academic research papers online. That classmate who excels in class could be a client to one of the online research papers stores.

Buying a research paper entails hiring a professional paper writer to assist you. The procedure involves visiting an academic writing website and placing your request – see an example here. The procedure is simple because websites have brief, easy to follow instructions. Within minutes, your order is ready to be processed.

The procedure is safe, and anonymity is guaranteed. As such, no one will know you enlisted the help of an academic paper writing service. Also, the mode of payment is safe. There is no chance of losing your money.

Once you are done with your part, the writer will start working on your project. The order can be completed within a record time of three hours. The speed doesn’t mean compromised quality. The reason is an expert in the field will handle the work. That said, excelling in class is guaranteed.

Furthermore, 100% client satisfaction is guaranteed. The paper you buy online will always be original. No plagiarism and all research paper writing standards will be followed. If you are not content with the work, most websites provide refund and paper revision options.

Advantages of Buying Research Papers Online

Apart from saving you time, there are other advantages of buying a research paper.

  • Learning from an Expert

A teacher or lecturer might be unable to give you one-on-one attention. Most academic writing sites provide for direct communication between the writer and the student. As a result, you’ll get a chance to learn from a professional.

  • Understanding of the Topic

Secondly, online paper stores employ qualified staff. They will present an easy to understand research paper. The use of proper references will give you a better understanding of the research topic.

  • Improved Writing Skills

Learning from professional writers will help you improve your academic writing skills. Engagement with the skilled academic writer will open you to new ideas about academic writing. Those who have bought a paper can confirm it is true.

Is it Safe to Buy Research Papers Online?

Several years ago, buying research papers looked like fraudulent activity. Sadly, service providers used to resell documents on the internet. They made money doing nothing at all.

However, the trend has changed. Many websites have emerged, bringing in the so much needed competition. The websites not only hire qualified professional writers but also offer unbeatable customer service.

Besides the customer support function, service providers have also ensured that you can buy your paper efficiently and safely, online. You only need to know the legit websites. Remember, scammers, are all over, looking for the next victim.

So, where can you buy research papers online?

Best Websites to Buy Research Papers

Whether it is a high-school paper, college, university, masters or, Ph.D. academic paper, you will want the best services. Numerous online stores offer writing services. However, it would be better if you considered several things before settling on a particular service provider.

  1. Cost - Just like in regular traditional store purchases, you should compare prices. Remember to capitalize on offers and discounts. You want the best quality at the most affordable price. For instance, there are legit companies that offer discounts on a client’s first order.

Also, check whether the site allows for partial payments – paying only for complete parts of the research paper.

However, be careful about cheap services. Cheap and inexpensive are different. Avoid compromising on quality, which results in low grades.

  1. Safety - Is your money safe? Is your identity also secure? The online research paper store should assure you 100% confidentiality and 100% safety when processing your request.

iii. Quality – The academic writing standards should be top-notch. Is the company able to come up with an appropriate thesis? Or will they present a poorly written research paper? What about plagiarism? Will the final document be original and free from grammatical errors? Is the company able to follow their clients’ instructions?

You can also check on the availability of free samples. Samples will give you a clue about the quality of the final paper.

  1. Timeliness - You need the research paper within a specific time-frame. There is a deadline for submission. Check on their delivery time. Are they fast enough? Will they miss your desired delivery timeline? If yes, go to the next service provider until you find an excellent professional writing service provider.

v. Communication - You will need to get in touch with the service provider. Which communication channels are available? Are you okay with the communication channels provided? Can you communicate with the academic writer?

vi. Customer Reviews - For unbiased and genuine firsthand feedback, check the customer comments section. Feedback from past customers will help you establish the authenticity of the online research paper store. You can also look at testimonials from independent companies like Trustpilot.

Below is a list of some of the best research writing websites:

  1. a) Essay Pro:

Website - https://essaypro.com/

As one of the best academic papers online stores, EssayPro gives you the freedom to choose your preferred writer. This is done through their effective bidding system. You will have several bids presented to you, making it easy to select the best.

Furthermore, their rates are affordable. Have your paper within 6 hours for as little as $11. They also provide free revisions and free plagiarism reports.

b). StudyBay:

Website - https://studybay.com/

Email - support@studybay.com

With over nine years of presence in the market, the site is a reliable one. Hiring a pool of professionals, you can trust their expertise in the area of research paper writing.

StudyBay also provides its writers’ information. On the website’s rating page, you will find a list of the best writers for hire. Using the links available, you can view their bios and hire your preferred writer.

The site is slightly expensive compared to other service providers. The rate is determined by the type of paper and the deadline. For instance, an essay with a T.A.T of four hours needs $8 per page. With a three week submission time, you will part with $3.

  1. c) EssayShark

Website: https://essayshark.com/buy-research-paper.html

Email: support@essayshark.com

With an impressive rating of 9.5 out of 10, you can rely on EssayShark for quality and timely submissions. The company also provides money back services. As such, if you’re not happy with the paper, you can ask for a refund.

EssayShark also uses the bidding system. The system allows you to see writers’ bids and reviews. Therefore, you can source services from the best writer and also choose the best bargain.

  1. d) Homework Market

Website - https://www.homeworkmarket.com/

As their name suggests, you can always bargain the paper writing price. Interestingly, you can even get free offers here.

Your money is also safeguarded at Homework Market. Their funds-holding policy ensures that the client and the writer are protected. Payments for paper writing services are held for up to 45 days. That is enough time to lodge any complaints about the services provided.

Moreover, they operate on a 24/7 basis. In the event of an emergency, you are assured of getting assistance at any time of the day. However, you cannot directly access information on their website. You must create an account to access any service.

  1. e) Edusson

Website - https://edusson.com/

Edusson is among the most re-known research paper writing platforms. The positive reviews assure you of quality paper writing serving. Interestingly, you will find an Edusson plagiarism checker to confirm the authenticity of your paper.

Uniquely, the company boasts of an IOS application. The app helps you to monitor the assignment anytime, anywhere! Moreover, with the app’s security features, your identity is well protected.

The institution allows refunds and revisions. However, they have stringent rules about corrections and money-back requests. Firstly, double-checking should be done within three days. Secondly, once you click the release button, you cannot place any complaint. In case you accidentally click the button, nothing can be done. Furthermore, if the submission is made and you do not have time to review, any complainT won’t be addressed after the specified three days.

  1. f) College-Paper

Website - https://www.college-paper.org

One frequently asked question about College-Paper.org is its authenticity. The company is legit and has a copyright certification.

Established in 2006, the College-Paper website is easy to navigate when seeking any service. The ordering process is hustle free. You only need to fill a one-page order form on the homepage. The homepage also features a discount code option for the first order. Similarly, loyal clients get 15%, 10%, and 5% appreciation discounts.

The company has no hidden costs. Deadlines are respected, and you are given enough time to check your paper. Revisions are provided if the submitted research paper falls short of your expectations.

How to Buy Research Papers Online

The procedure of buying college papers for sale online depends on your preferred service provider. However, most renowned academic writing websites are easy to navigate with superb communication options available. Therefore, you can get in touch with the company in case of any challenges.

Note that some sites will require you to have an account. After creating your account, you can log in and place your order.

It is essential to give clear instructions on what you need (number of words or pages, turn-around-time, spacing, type of assignment, the academic writing style, and the necessary type of sources). Make the instructions as clear and as detailed as possible. Doing so will save you time and distress. Remember, some writing companies have stringent revision policies.

Once the research paper is ready, you are notified. After downloading your paper, it is advisable to confirm what has been delivered is what you requested.

Most importantly, do a thorough background check of your preferred service provider. Familiarize yourself with their terms and conditions.

What Do You Get When You Buy a Research Paper Online?

You’ve placed the order and paid for the service. The writer has also finished his work and submitted the paper. Afraid of low scores? Below is a list of what you should get in the document.

  • Read the paper carefully to confirm the content is right - has the research question been answered?

  • Check on referencing. It should be correctly done.

  • Highlight any corrections that you want to be addressed, if any.

  • Request for a revision of the paper so that you can have a perfect research paper.

What to Consider Before Setting the Turn-Around-Time

Buying a college paper online is different from writing it yourself. Therefore, setting the deadline for either option is also different.

An academic writer has all the time to research and write. Conversely, you could be overwhelmed with school work. For this reason, a professional writer will take lesser time to complete the project.

However, the deadline should be reasonable to avoid compromising on quality. Avoid the last-minute rush. Consider issues such as the length of your research paper and assignment type as you set the delivery time.

Different research papers will have different delivery timelines. Therefore, you should tailor the delivery time to fit that of your paper.

Also, ensure the paper is ready before the actual submission day. Doing this will give you enough time to read through and correct any mistakes.

How to Identify a Fraudulent Paper Writing service

The internet will require your due diligence. Otherwise, you will lose money, get a poorly done paper, or worse still get low grades.

The most obvious signs of scam paper writing companies are poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Nonetheless, there are more subtle pointers that you are dealing with a scam site.

legit paper writing service

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  1. Fraudulent academic writing sites do not reveal their real email address on their website. The postal addresses they provide are also fake. They use the internet to generate mobile numbers and email addresses. The fake postal addresses, phone number, and email make it difficult to know their exact location.

  2. Scammers will also handle freelancers as though they are their employees. The practice is unethical because writers are independent contractors.

iii. They also give false age of their website. For instance, they will claim they have been in operation since 1998, which will be false. Always confirm the age in whois or check their cooperate record.

  1. Having many departments is another red flag. Because they want to make the impression that they have a modern organizational structure, they will have departments like Human Resource, Quality Assurance, Billing department, and many other departments. In reality, the sites are usually owned by just one person.

  2. Fraudulent sites will also have numerous websites using different web addresses. A student will place an order in site A and get duped. When they visit site B, the same writers will handle the request and scam them again.

  3. Fraudulent paper writing sites also create their reviews for their various websites. The reviews are then used to rank the different sites below or above their other websites. You will need careful observation to note such kind of practices.

  4. Extremely low prices are another pointer. Meager rates are synonymous with low quality. Top-notch academic writing requires time, experience, and expertise. That is why experienced writers charge higher rates. However if you hire a cheap essay writer you won't necessarily get bad services as there's always an exception to every rule

vii. Although legit, companies offer free plagiarism checks, you should be careful with this service. Fake sites commonly provide the service as bait to unsuspecting students.


Can Turnitin detect bought research papers?

Papers bought from a legit site will always be original. Therefore, Plagiarism checkers like Turnitin cannot tell whether a research paper was purchased online.

What is the cost of a research paper?

The research paper's total cost is mostly determined by the number of words or pages, the complexity of the topic, discounts available, writer’s expertise, and years of experience.

Is Essay Typer illegal?

Yes. Essaytyper is legal as it’s only used to help students to write their papers faster. However, it also uses Wikipedia, which questions its legitimacy.

Parting Shot

The truth is that students can write their papers to completion. However, it is efficient and smart to buy college papers for sale online. As the expert writer handles your order, you will get free writing skills, a perfect research paper, and good grades.

While the number of academic writing sites is uncountable, legit ones are few. The right service provider should leave you with a wow-effect – wow prices, wow writing, wow deadlines, wow refunds, and wow customer service.

Be careful not to opt for the lowest prices. Cheap is not inexpensive. Confirm the price range from several websites before placing an order and making the payment.

Lastly, read the site's terms and conditions. You will cushion yourself against money losses and unnecessary misery. You can learn about how to effectively use a custom essay writing service in our blogs.








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